Make the Children Feel Guilty

Dr Debbie Garratt argues that we are not protecting the vulnerable in society – especially children – when we make them feel guilty about their health.

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  1. The vax doesn't stop transmission therefore the person taking it, is the only person who benefits from it (Pfizer profits notwithstanding)
    There is less than 1% chance of being hospital or dead from covid
    No new hospital beds/nurses in ICU have been funded in the past 2 years, though several billion has been spent on covid facilities to lock up the unvaxed
    Children do not gain any benefit from the vax, they have a higher risk of adverse events from the vax than from covid
    People over 65 are the only people that benefit from the vax

  2. You can't expect the politicians of this state, with this society, in this civilisation to give a damn about children. Why would they care about the long term consequences? It's not their children.

  3. So let's keep lying and telling highly anxious people they are taking an experimental drug and making them live for the rest of their lives convinced every ingrown toenail and headache is the result of having a proven to be a safe vaccine. Matt, why are you participating in this exploitation of vulnerable people?

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