Makes Me Angry

Makes Me Angry

Is CDC doing what they said they will do?

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URL list from Wednesday, Jun. 22 2022

6 Months of U.S. Data Support Safety of mRNA COVID Vaccines | MedPage Today

Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) Standard Operating Procedures for COVID-19

how do you miss the most blatant safety signal in vaccine history?


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  1. The VAERS and other adverse effects reporting systems should be treated with humorous or suspicious context . 1.) They are completely voluntary and not mandated. 2.) Many doctors are told to not report by their health agencies or simply refuse when their patients complain about a malady they think might be vax related.

  2. Many young healthy people are suffering cuz of vaccines or covid inf. They need help. Now, but they are not helped. CDC is lying again

  3. The fact they (CDC) is so reluctant to admit to trial data can mean 2 things. They haven't done any! or the have but the results are undesirable. Either way we should all be concerned regardless of your vaccine stance.

  4. Sounds like for one they are not evaluating or reporting the information that needs to be part of the collective in order to get accurate ratios of the information that is needed be it not enough as in matured if they are not putting that data in how can it mature because it is vacant. Then you have 2 different agencies that are both neglecting to input data to form an analysis also withholding the data for any reason to someone seeking this data that doesn't exist it makes one wonder how can the public count on the facts if they are not inputting the tracking of the effects enough to evaluate its safety negligently admittance. That lowers confidence in the overseeing agencies.

  5. Wow, they only have one job to do and they haven't done it.

    Having read through some of the comments on this video, i don't think people understand the point your raising, nor the gravity of it.

  6. The drug conglomerates are running the show, there is no independent monitoring, or reporting. They are doing as they please with little to no oversight as the FDA just goes along authorizing, now for the very young, and the CDC acts as the drug-pusher. Sad to see this has gotten past you until now. They are both more interested in pushing the experimental drugs out for big pharma than regulating or monitoring for safety and efficacy of the drugs. Never to be trusted again. They fall in the same category as the WHO, the FBI, the CIA.

  7. Cognitive dissonance. So now the next step is to open your mind to the question of “WHY”? Why would the CDC behave this way. And if the CDC didn’t fulfill their part, how about the FDA? Did they follow through on their data mining role, or let it go just as the CDC has?
    Again……why? It’s a big question.

  8. Everyone around me urged me to take it.. I didn’t work for 2 years.. but neither did a lot who took it haha.. sorry that’s not funny I know.. but it’s ironic!

    Several months ago i came across a lawsuit (i think the name renz), and saw this January 2021 document listed in the filing, and went ahead and dug it up myself, and looked for EXACTLY where you're referring to. For the next week (or more) i searched far and wide for any updates on this data…I know how to dig and am good at finding things like this, but was unable to find this data or ANY reference to these surveillance guidelines WHATSOEVER… I immediately KNEW (or strongly assumed, apparently now verified correctly) THAT THEY NEVER FOLLOWED THROUGH IN CONDUCTING THE SURVEILLANCE LISTED IN THAT INITIAL DOCUMENT IN ANY OFFICIAL CAPACITY.
    I'm just a regular citizen and my concerns over this entire covid catastrophe, INCLUDING the vaccines have always been publicy INVALIDATED by officials, but DECEPTIVELY AND MOCKINGLY. these people should be held accountable by the next president. It'll never happen if it ends up being 'you know who'…that's the very unfortunate reality.

  10. They said it was "experimental" from the very beginning, and they didn't even have to do that. Everyone knows a reputable jabbo goes through years and years of testing and study.

  11. Those who are pressured, coerced and lied to are still suffering today in the name of necessity cause they have to not because they want to. Billion's of dollar's goes to their pocket in the expense of our good health where we are monetize and manage by the narrative in news and supposedly our first defense in viral attack CDC WHO FDA who colluded to profit in a man made organized pandemic is much more angrier to me than anything else. Tons of research made in China made by the first response of brave DR.s are gone missing and even in the first wave of COVID in the world are stifled, silenced and censored by the narrative to escalate fear, chaos and apathy. Who will answer to this atrocities against mankind?

  12. Its amazing how many believe that because there is people out there trying to get justice for vaccine damage they are "antivax" … Children's Health Defence have been amazing bringing justice where no one else has. Most of us that have had issues with vaccines in the past, know what you are going through now with the covid jab. Remember that!

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