Makeyevka. Neocons will push to escalate, will Russia stay the course?

Makeyevka. Neocons will push to escalate, will Russia stay the course?
The Duran: Episode 1472



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  1. More incompetence from an autocratic system of leadership. Condolences to the families that lost their loved ones to this stupidity.
    No doubt there will be more before this “special military operation” is over.
    Glory to Ukraine 🇺🇦.

  2. I used to follow you, but you are becoming wrong about virtually everything. Just go back and look at previous videos. I came to the site for balance but you are way too pro Russia. West media is far too biased the other way though.

  3. American government talks about Victor Bout like an enemy of the American people and his aim is to kill them wherever he finds them. It is not true at all. Even if he is sold some weapons which is used on someone which he has not to do with. And this is intentional targeting of the American people? But direct killings of the Russian population that is allowed by the "INTERNATIONAL" laws. Better to say NEOCOS wars. NEOCOS are tie in the world's largest organization and by the way most powerful. They ordered assassination of the president John Fitzgerald Kennedy. You know who they are. Why i think like that? JFK made American dollar called Golden Dollar, even he made specimens of the Banknotes which would be made by the government of the USA. Not by some who knows whose private business which hold all around of them strongly kept in the fists. Federal Reserves. What America and Americans have to do with dollar especially with oil based dollar called Petri-dollar. It isn't theirs. Man who sign off this particular act in 1913 says after few years on the place of the president of the USA how he has been idiot in fact that it is his most outrageous decision. And he repent fiercely because of this particular mistake. Listen to the JFK famous speech when he spoke about powers of darkness and light but on his intellectual way!! It is incredible to hear it today and that analyzed what is going on around of you ib general in the world.

  4. I'm from Togliatti, where some of the fighters were from. Just like Alexander, I was surprised how quickly and honestly the government reacted even on regional level. The regional governor of Samara oblast (which includes the city of Togliatti) announced there were our local lads among the casualties almost right away. Completely agree with Alexander here.

  5. It look like a saturation attack to use 6 missiles against a single building. To me it seems like they know that one or more were at risk of being shot down. So someone have probably learned how to effectively take out the HIMARS missiles.

  6. I'm a little confused as to why the Pentagon would suddenly want to expose their involvement in this way… just to kill a company of soldiers in their beds… what was the point?

    *Edit just saw Alex's explanation later in the video.
    makes sense, that's probably it; to show what can be done if they go for direct intervention.

  7. US is kicking Russia hard, like always, US have money, power and Brain. That is a fact. Russia don't have any chance accept to mobilize 2 milion man and offer 1 milion and occupaes whole Ukraina.

  8. Sorry Aiex people around the world are dreading this proxy war end them in hot water, a WW3! The problem is the current US administration + people like Hillary, Obama, etc who are feeling too revengful and vindictive personally with respect to Syria, in relation to Trump odd behaviour, the European dependancy on Russian oil, ignoring the US, etc, etc for a number of years. They are too bloody rich to understand its impact on ordinary people! They do seem have found an idiot but charlatan to execute their hatred + bunch of naive European leaders who are tricked into this nonsensical economically self defeating proxy war, knowing also too well that Johnsonian Brexiteers are also too happy to see Europe broken!!

    Let's not forget that Biden has also managed to manipulate many of the GOP oppositions by colluding with them behind the scene due to their differences with Trump! The few remaining are just responding to their shitshow but have no strength to stop this bloody proxy war. A proxy war which is squandering tax payers money needed in Europe, UK to at least build their broken care/ health system due to shortage of staff and very low pay + huge rise in fuel price and cost of living, really and truly driving millions ordinary people to abject poverty. Many of them oblivious to its impact on the economy because voices for peace and debate are silenced openly!! Too dangerous for humanity when Oliver North admits that this proxy war helps the US economy ( should have said the global larceny!) and we, the US, should continue supply bullets to those freedom fighters ready to give their blood !!! Wondering if they ever do that for Palestinian!?

  9. I see a lot of comments of surprise about Russian restraint. People expect Russians to make irrational, impetuous, myopic, violent, thoughtless decisions like USA? Thank goodness they do not! Thank goodness they have restraint, wisdom and perhaps even some respect for human life. Either way, it is a different mentality of which these Washington leaders do not ever demonstrate.

  10. I do not know how the Kremlin or Putin can hold back from hitting Kiev with Tactical Nukes after all of these crimes, especially the MASS MURDER of their soldiers by the Ukraine. Soldiers who were captured, completely neutralized and taken prisoners of war! I heard the Ukrainians murdered 1500 soldiers in totally cold blood, EXECUTION STYLE! Just like the NAZI'S WERE ACCUSED OF IN WWII when the Germans had done no such thing.

  11. Russia has changed? There is no silenzio stampa, but traditional Russian slackness is "business as usual". As far as city of Donetsk and other Russian cities are still under Ukrainian fire…

  12. much respect to you both Alex and Alexander for trying to make sense of it for us and providing your view and analysis. Being Russian i cant help but wonder if you underestimate incompetence of Russian command. not due to stupidity or lack of will, but legacy of soviet thinking and way of doing things is so entrenched. My condolences to the families of our boys. And my condolences to the families of Ukrainian boys. Another horrifying thought – whatever the outcome of this war will be, Ukraine will come out of this a country full of mentally and physically damaged people and these people will have to rebuild the country. God help us all to stand by them and support each other as I dont think it will be any of the European countries or people let alone US who will come to support and help rebuild this tortured country.

  13. waiting for russian retaliation. at least cut ukraine power and water to 100 percent. and strike ukraine military camps including lodges and barracks including in western ukrine, kiev etc … and military hispitals – indescriminately.

  14. If this is a war with the west and Russia, i cant for the life of me understand why Russia isnt taking out these weapons in the source of delivery,monitor that polish and Romanian border and if anything moves across there borders obliterate them at source,i mean after all Russia and China have enough satellites up there in space.

  15. This war begins to stink to high Heaven. Something fishy is going on. Russia is dragging its feet beyond any excuse. US real time intelligence, target selection and acquisition, US weapons coming with advisors, commanders and crews are a party to the conflict, helping to kill Russians – yet are pussycatted around as untouchable?? Plus, 3 months of pounding on Bachmut and still not done? With all the bunker busters, napalm and hyperbaric weaponry? This is BEYOND a mere incompetence. So what else it is, if not INTENTION???

  16. These soldiers were bivouacked in a rear position. It is nothing but MURDER having bombed them in the first place, they were NOT actively engaged in military operations!!! You are right, it has now opened the doors to Russia to start targeting all the rear echelon forces that they know of. No more targeting ammunition compounds, factories etc, Mark my words they will now start targeting (in retaliation ) to such a barbaric act by the (West /Ukranian) upper echelons decision to carry out this cowardly act. God help Ukraine now for all she will see is the retaliatory actions of a bear poked too far!!!

  17. some reports i have seen from someone there, that there will be more than 63 casulties, but no where near 400 as that many werent even there, his sources indicate a figure of upto 200 solders present. The Ukranians know of the site, they just got tipped off when the solders numbers got to a larger number

  18. You jumped the shark too early Alex.
    The Russians took out two Himar systems and more than one Vampire system.
    You know that even after these systems in Ukraine, the crews on these systems are still even in part maned by US troop technicians.
    Which means at the very least, dozens of US highly specialised troops were killed or wounded.
    How is the US administration going to keep justifying itself to the Pentagon high command?
    As the generals best men and equipment keep being wiped off the face of the earth?
    This also shows Alex, that Russian command has a very good approximate idea where these US systems are and have not wanted to cause excessive US military deaths.
    Well, now that time is over.
    Please speak to this.

  19. Why Russia could not give then long range missiles (like Kalibr and Iskander) to countries like Iran, North Korea, Venezuela, Syria and so many others. Why Russia should simply not start giving out tactical nuclear weapons and / or using them inside Ukraine at the battlefield?

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