Making Banking Work… For People!

I discuss the creation of Kiwi Bank, a National Bank In New Zealand with one of its architects Hon Matt Robson.

Matt Robson’s commercial experience began in the Netherlands thirty years ago, working in the oil industry. This introduced him to the rigours of international commerce, budgets, deadlines, understanding complex commercial operations and structures, it also gave him management experience and familiarity of working with a multicultural, multilingual workforce, where reading and writing in foreign languages was a necessity. As a result he is fluent in speaking reading and writing Dutch, speaking and writing French and German and competent in reading Spanish.

In the 1970’s Matt qualified with a Diploma in Teaching and taught through the 1980’s in a number of secondary schools in New Zealand the majority in the South Auckland area.

In the 1980’s-1990’s Matt became engaged in party politics. As deputy leader of both the Alliance and Progressive Parties he acted as spokesperson and policy developer across a wide spectrum of policy issues in areas as diverse as economic development, social matters and international affairs.

Matt was a Cabinet Minister in the Labour-Alliance Coalition Government (1999-2002) and was allocated the following portfolios: Minister of Corrections , Minister for Land Information, Associate-Minister of Foreign Affairs (responsible for official Overseas Development Aid [ODA]), Minister for Disarmament and Arms Control.

He was also a significant driver in achieving justice for Algerian asylum seeker Ahmed Zaoui, both while as a Member of Parliament and as an independent barrister/solicitor.

He continues to practice law in Auckland and specialises in immigration law and migrant advocacy.

Matt remains active in advocating global peace and justice and is a regular speaker at disarmament and anti-nuclear conferences around the world.

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  1. I always tell the people who ask me "what should they do"? to put their money into Kiwi Bank. Once people understand the bail in legislation in NZ they get frightened. Kiwi bank has the NZ super Fund as a major shareholder and is therefore the least likely bank to collapse and swallow up deposits. I hope I am right.

  2. Yep…we need Jim’s bank in Australia…since local bank closures where I live, I now have a four hour round trip to get to a bank branch…banks serve their shareholders and have no interest in the needs of their customers.

  3. So the argument against a public bank is the owners will loose money!? 🤔 how is our lost commonwealth bank going?and the current system disadvantages those with the least resources. Bring it on

  4. The Government and Banks have no social responsibility to actually what is best in the interest of the people rather than themselves……….everything is dehumanised and really making things dull.

  5. Much better. If you break out the masking tape and lock Bobbie Bobblehead in a closet and purged all the self-indulgent historical excursions arising from a disturbing man-love of some mythical Whitlam utopia, this idea sells itself. Let him run around Parliament House harassing staffers, but get the idea of a Postal Bank into the minds of the public to the points where it registers in issue-polls, then it’s a fait accompli.

    Your beloved Bobbie Bobblehead should actually listen to the words of people far wiser than him:

    10:05 ”You didn’t really need to convince the public, the public were sold on the need for a public bank.”

    Think, how did those bloody bourgeois Teal independent do it? They didn’t issue 1000 word leaflets cum manifestos. They just repeated a simple message with a discipline that was very impressive, and very successful.

    Well done Mr. North. Keep it up.

  6. One of biggest mistakes the three wreckers (Liberal National and Labor,(Liberal National Subvariants)) foolishly made,destruction for short term gain,(including boost political careers) of public owned banking,clearly need them more than ever now.

  7. Lol! Maybe in a parallel universe like NZ that could happen,
    But neither party here will even clarify the ambiguous" The bail in bill!!"

  8. Forget about a public bank being the immediate solution….
    First and biggest issue is, where do the bankers come from that make this new bank? How long does it take to become a banker…it would most likely become a honey pot for Jeffrey eddelstons to rort the system.

    The biggest issue is this…the banks are beholden to the “shareholder” BUT…BUT at the same time issuing Australian government currency AND being considered a “pillar of society” which comes with the implication that they cannot fail. Also deposit insurance!!!!
    Yet at the same time :
    Do not issue currency according to respectable gdp forecasts and migration levels
    Close down regional banks, according to the shareholder and the profitability for them yet carefree to the govt that backs them, that is the owner of the currency that is granted BY THE CITIZENS OF THIS GOD DAMNED COUNTRY

    If they do not wish to be there as proper pillars of society, then take away the govt backing for failure and enforce limits of their books according to population, migration and economic output

  9. The only way banks can work for people is as a charity or an NGO.
    Apart from admin, rent, and vehicles, they'll have to provide very high quality service at no cost to the customer.
    They would need insurance and meet all sorts of expensive legal requirements.
    Like Govt medicine, hospitals, railways, education and bureaucracy, a government bank will be lacklustre, socialised, prone to corruption and lacking any incentive to be better than all the other mediocre government institutions.
    Hasn't a hundred years of socialised institutions and communism shown Robbie and all others, that?

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