Malinformation is true but causes you to mistrust the government (from Livestream #119)

Clip taken from DarkHorse Podcast Livestream #119 (originally streamed live on March 19, 2022):



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  1. Interesting that information that the Bidens were selling American foreign policy to the highest bidders is bad for the government.
    Biden himself said that 5 former heads of the CIA verified the laptop as Russian misinformation. How weird is that?

  2. Malinformation by definition makes Government = Good. And anything that shakes that relationship, malformation = evil. Which if you explore this to it's most extreme. Government (and those who make it up) = GOD.

  3. The real story is Hillary's wiped emails and fake Russian dossier, and Julian Assange being extradicted to a US SuperMax prison to be suicided. That's the real story. The same US-UK-IL Oiligarchs who sponsored the Violent Coup Kiev Junta in 2014, also sponsored the Single Shot Coup in WADC in 2020. The back story is Gingrich's 1999 Contract on Americans Gramm-Leach-Bliley Bankster Stampede set off the Dot Con Neutron Bmob, then Cheney's 20-Year Oil Wars of IDIQNB National Bankruptcy.

    Just be glad the Keystone XL Pipeline to Houston was killed, as pre-cursor to the US-UK-ILs long-planned Truck-Train-Pipeline Super Corridor from Saskatchewan to Texas and on south to a Mexican port. Then you would have heard 'the great sucking sound' for real, as the North American Food Belt was vacuumed up and sent off to CHINA and EU. American food prices are going up because Biden is sending our meats and grains to CHINA and shipping our LNG fertilizer feedstock to EU!

  4. Interesting how liberals are deep down actually quite rational and conservative on the grand scale of things. However, the students of evergreen college are probably 180° from this. Because they’ve been coached into believing that they are liberal when indeed they are communist.

  5. The pedo behavior that not only runs in that family, but others is just a characteristic of people of that ilk. It’s their sick and demented decadence they enjoy. Little boys, little girls, drugs, criminality, etc. That’s the “naughty” behavior

  6. I'm convinced I became an enemy of the state a longtime ago. Thus I'm incapable of redemption and have a duty to die. Where have I heard that before?

    "DENVER — A pro-life organization wants Gov. Richard D. Lamm to resign because he said seriously ill elderly people should die. But Lamm rejects the idea, saying he was not being 'brutal.' Lamm sparked the furor earlier this week when, criticizing the high costs of health care, he said terminally ill elderly citizens 'have a duty to die and get out of the way.'" You see I knew Gov Lamm and worked for his opponents when he said this and he absolutely meant to address boomers about the need for socialized medicine, rationing health care, and euthanasia. See how I spread malinformation? Were the Democrats already planning the affordable care act even then? That was '78' and was only the beginning of a long career of ticking off authority by speaking truth.

  7. As Gerald Celente keeps on saying. The are a criminal cabal. They are worst than the Mafia. At least with the Mafia you know were you stand. These criminals give them selves fancy titles and wear business suits, but they are psychopathic criminals, who make up laws to suit themselves.

  8. As bad and crazy as the world has gotten, I steal can't believe that this isn't on the front page of every news paper and being speculated about on every nightly news program. It has never been more relevant than it is now. It's a clear indication of the corruption in Ukraine and our own Whitehouse, and the symbiotic relationship between the President and Ukraine.

    Imagine if we actually go to WW3 over this. There could very well be some extremely incriminating evidence against Biden and others at the highest level of the Ukraine government, and that could very well be why we are supporting them so strongly. It could either be akind of blackmail or they just don't want Russia getting access to that information. I understand that's all speculation, but that is precisely the reason that the laptop was such a big deal in the first place, and why Twitter and Facebook blatantly censored any attempt to talk about it, and why the MSM claimed it was a Russia hoax.

    If people, from the common man to political activists, were educated on actual politics and policy, if they had understood what had been going on in Ukraine, that laptop should have been a deal breaker. But instead of getting 60 Minutes stories about Ukraine and NATO and Russia, and how the laptop played into that situation, we got "Russian Hoax" and then right back to identity politics and trans bathrooms. It's totally absurd and yet brilliant how they keep us divided so left and right never agree on anything long enough to put a stop to their most wicked plans.

  9. Except that people high up in the govt said that it WAS NOT Russian disinformation and the laptop has statements that link Joe Biden to the peddling of power himself. This was out there and OBVIOUSLY true then!!!! ughhh

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