Man Arrested For Throwing Fake Party At Nicola Sturgeons House


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  1. I've heard that there are some very influential organisations who are interested in Sturgeon working for them when she is no longer leader of the SNP. I guess we'll just have to wait and see what actually happens. It would involve living abroad but the financial benefits would be huge.
    She does makes me laugh. Sturgeon has played you all like a fiddle.

  2. "Prankster arrested over 'Hogmanay party at Nicola Sturgeon's' Facebook invite blasts 'political policing'"

    That's shocking. That's appalling. That's simply not to be tolerated!
    The word is invitation as "invite" is a verb, not a noun.

  3. If Nicola Sturgeon has people arrested for all these memes and mockery, the secret is to have an arrangement with a friend in the United States. If your name is Hamish McTavish, for instance, get your American friend to set up a Gettr account called "Hamish McTavish from Scotland" and then you can send him all these memes to post on your behalf. That way, you are protected by that famous First Amendment. God bless that amendment!

  4. Sooo looking forward to you getting your independence and crashing and burning. Oh and we don't have to give you large sums of money we just sit back and watch the fireworks :p In all honesty i would like us to stay together as a union 🙂

  5. State Police Scotland acting for the fuhrer and the Stasi National Party…..let's face it, the SNP aren't a party at all, they'll jail you for having a party now.
    It's time to scrap holyrood as this is what we've got from it, tyrants.

  6. As an Englishman myself…
    Who is happily married to my Scottish lass down here in England…
    I say – join us!
    If your not gonna kick this witch out of politics, get out of Scotland before she takes you down with her!

  7. Perfect example of how this works:
    Shitty person attacks an innocent post, power hungry officials capitalize upon to elevate their own status. Broken laws are enforced badly. Everyone's guilty and nobody's to blame.

  8. I only have facebook cause thats how I get overtime at work and in my area we have an snp MP who is very nice then again compared to the abslute piece of rancif dog shit of as tory mp we had before, i think most things would be

  9. The psychopath elites are trying to cause the public to hang the politicians and the rich, and also the strange and different.
    by co-opting the powerful into their evil games, then exposing said games, they destroy the upper middle class and all those in power… leaving a vacuum of power for them to fill the spot with their deceptively manipulative sociopaths…
    and by co-opting the strange, different and the mentally unwell, into a state of even more difference and mental sickness all the while enforcing acceptance of and not just acceptance but even the bending of the knee and the editing of the culture of the current mass populace to the niche anomalous, by force… they create a backlash of rage which when accompanied by the hanging of the political and financial elite as written above, then the strange and the different and the outcasts and the mentally ill, too become victims to mass rage and hysteria, 1940s germany being the example of this.
    Then a world war against the unruly countries leads to the destruction of infrastructure, identity, knowledge, Art and everything good which holds the people together…
    and their newly appointed bank staff can walk in and offer the scared, clueless children of the destroyed populace; a loan, with interest.

    This is what happened last century and they are trying to do it again.

    Don't riot, don't kill, don't hate, don't ignore, don't laugh, don't fight, and we've already won.

    I'm as serious as can be about this.
    Don't let the psychopaths create enemies inside of you,
    it's better to die of being murdered than it is to die being a murderer.
    and it's better the whole system collapse than it is that the whole system be thrown into the jaws of the evil one.

    May wisdom guide you, always.

    when the rich play along with evil, the evil betrays them.
    when the outcasts are vilified alongside said evil, then the dissident/rebellious/conspiracy theorists/anyone who knows whats going on, can also be taken out.

    They are trying to use the mass population as meat grinder; to eat up the highest visible social layers, to beat down the lowest visible social layers, to cut off/expose the lower/middle invisible layers and to make the visible middle layer; weaker, suspicious, angry, tightknit yet totally disconnected cold and callous…
    All to shape the world as the highest invisible layers see fit, you down and them up.

    beware any message sent not by a beating heart, but sent by companies, soulless and evil in their wake, with their evil they do dig themselves eternal pits to suffer in.

  10. The snp are an utter disgrace. The problem we have though is, those that can't see it by now, never will. You just simply can't convince the brain dead.

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