Man ARRESTED Trying To Run Over Blue Lives Matter, Shots Fired In Portland, Cops Find Molotov’s

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Written by Timcast

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  1. @timcast, i need some help understanding shit..

    i see all this crap about leftists causing problems, and in no way do i agree with their criteria, i follow Milo, you, Ben Shapiro and a few others, and agree with everything they say. they all have roughly the same thoughts, but yet when i do an online test, i end up being left. I don't understand this right/left crap. can someone please make it easier to understand.

    i don't understand how i can agree with everything these right activists say, but yet still end up on the left (of the charts). i do have some mental issues which may be contributing to this situation.

    can someone please help and explain this shit to me, Right, Left etc. if anything i would have thought i was right( or at least i think) i believe the three men above are right.. i just don't have a clue. oh and to top it all, i think trump is the best thing to happen to america

  2. I thought the driver had a pistol and the antifa guy had a rifle. I believe they make different sounds. If that is true you can easily determine who fired first. The video is very clear with good sound.

  3. I’ve seen several videos of leftists talking about using emergency glass breakers and seat belt cutters to pull people out of their cars. I refuse to go to cities now. I genuinely fear for my life now.

    Also, please don’t burn yourself out. Try to cover some more goofy/wholesome stories to give your mind a break.

  4. Leftists that hate guns are now pro-gun when they think they are protecting themselves from the gov. You dont say……

    And there are no peaceful protests. On the guy who pulled the gun out and said get back, he was being surrounded by a lot of people. That is not peaceful at all. That is a mob.

  5. For a punk kid, you’re pretty sharp Tim. I have come to enjoy your insight into issues most sane people care about…in fact, on occasion, your perspective is accurate in a way I hadn’t considered. Not many people mount attacks as well prepared as you are in backing up your position(s). I think you may also be the only one here who hasn’t stopped pursuing an interesting rabbit down the hole. I thought I was the only one left who enjoys an occasional resolution. Thanks!

  6. Not that it can’t get Portland bad where I live, but from where I sit, it appears these riots are only happening in Democrat run cities. But, if it does come to my neighborhood my entire block will meet them with the business end of our shotguns. We don’t mess around in the country.