Man Charged For Calling Woman Thunder Thighs


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  1. What a disgrace courts just freely policing what people do that isn't illegal but doing nothing to those breaking the fecking law.

    I'm sure the fatty wasn't entirely innocent.

  2. Clearly this zoomer went Soba Saiyan. he also looks like the kind to partake in the devil's cabbage so it would not be far removed to call him a Pot Noodle.

  3. It’s rude, obviously but what I find far more concerning than if the women had their feelings hurt is that he can be fined by the Crown. What are they going to do about all of us who are highly offended by the loss of free speech? That’s rhetorical btw bc I know those making these decisions aren’t concerned at all w anyone’s rights. They’re not concerned w fat women’s or anyone else’s feelings either. They’re concerned w the control ‘hate speech’ laws will extend to themselves.

  4. Totally tasteless behavior, and if he was my son he'd get a fine drubbing from me and put up for adoption (I have been called Thunder Thighs personally and if my son said that to any woman I'd disown him. I'm not about raising rude little pricks.) for such an insensitive comment, but legal action is a bit much.

  5. The shocking thing is that the police took this seriously. Meanwhile, grooming gangs get off scott free after sexually assulting children. The ringleader is/was employed as a welfare rights officer by Oldham Council 🤬 Justice for the fatties!!

  6. It was a threatening behaviour. A group of drunk boys should not be shouting at women, calling them fat wasn't the issue here. They could just as well be charged no matter what they shouted at them.
    A small fine seems very much in order here.

  7. They don't go to the cops cause they feel fear. They go to the cops cause they're mad and they want to punish you for bringing up things about themselves they don't like to think about.

  8. As his defence he should have said that if they felt offended by the remarks, then they too felt there is truth to it.

    But the lad's a fuckin pleb so…

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