Man FIGHTS Woman on Australian TV

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Written by Isaac Butterfield

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  1. Honestly good for both of them.. putting aside their race, sex and orientational differences and respected each other enough to fight.. I think that he should be defended. It wasn’t a no protection type fight, it was done in a controlled environment so there shouldn’t be any issues..

  2. I can't speak on exactly what happened as I'm not him… but he should have spoken up at the beginning before any punches had been thrown. Maybe reminded the opponent, what was about to happen, and let her know that she is making a bad choice as obviously no punches had been held back. If a smaller person makes a ridiculous claim and we all know it to be such, do we allow it to still happen?. If he said "look you have no chance" and she had returned with "bring it on, I can beat you" then a small "maybe" i can't say i would do what he did… possibly a few slips and jabs. Couple light "how you doins" but you don't just let loose from the get go…

  3. I know you are just being nice and modest Isaac but as a 6”8 gentlemen myself, I don’t think it matters if you are a fighter, there is around 10 girls in the whole world who could beat me up every day of the week.

  4. i believe that he did the right thing, by not complaining or saying ' you can't take the hits because i am male and you are female.' what he said by obliging, was ' ok if you want to i will do it.'

  5. Ya personally I agree with Bill burr on this subject there are plenty of reasons to hit a woman you just don't do it but in all fairness I would step up and give her the fight she asked for since I also support equality

  6. Good on him for fighting her, she asked him to and has agency over herself, so why shouldn't he. Even more good on her for picking a tough a f#$k opponent to test her mettle against, much respect!

  7. Unless she was mentally unfit to make the decision on who to call out and/or to agree to be on the show there's nothing wrong with this, there's even an exception in the law that states that friendly competition which this would qualify as is perfectly valid reason to strike someone.

  8. Just a reminder to people. From what i've seen in the show, the woman didn't initially cause all the backlash against Honey Badger, the feminists were. Please don't send hate to this woman for something she didn't do.

  9. We didn't call him "The Honey Badger" for nothing. The guy could take on blokes like McCaw, Carter, and No'nu, he never gave up, no matter size or strength. That women asked for the Badger, she got The Badger

  10. Now if he had watched the show and listened to narration any Middleton says he picked her told her to see who she would pick wether they were weaker and smaller than her but she decides to chose someone bigger than her as a sign of strength

  11. You know she is cool for doing that. You want equality then accept it all. Those that are crying about it and saying whack shit need to get on that show and learn a lesson. There is no equality in the battlefield. Survival takes over and you will do what it takes to survive. All they potatos need a dose of reality.

  12. What they don't get is that there in the world of this sas, fights aren't fair war is unequal and unfair a member of the Taliban isn't gonna go oh your a woman I guess I'll go easy on yah or I wont hit you because your a woman and plus isn't feminism all about showing off about how strong women are and if they can't understand that war is unfair and fights aren't in the real world gonna be fair and that there in the sas world now if they can't deal with it I mean damm maybe these feminist women should go back to 50,s lifestyle am I right ?

  13. Give her what she asked for! I bet no one would give a shit if she was white, straight or a meat eater. The only thing she was missing to be the next poster girl was being over weight.

  14. There's somethin' wrong with the world today
    I don't know what it is
    Something's wrong with our eyes

    We're seein' things in a different way
    And God knows it ain't his
    It sure ain't no surprise

  15. She chose him because she wanted to challenge herself by taking on the toughest opponent. Good on her for that. He showed her enough respect to not hold back. Good on him for that. Where's the problem?