Man Jailed for Refusing to Wear Mask at JURY DUTY! Viva Clips

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  1. Even the ways to remedy this would likely be done in a manner that the left would take advantage of. Bogging down courts with complaints against judges for any little perceived indiscretion.

  2. Long a listener, Viva and Barnes has me completely convinced that every Judge, Lawyer and Juror living in the country should be put on trial and the vast majority jailed for being public nuisances. Any one else agree or disagree ?

  3. I was subpoenaed for jury duty in Georgia. At the court house steps I was told that I’d have to wear a mask. I wore my ‘Trump 2024’ mask, I wasn’t picked!

  4. Dr Simone Gold served 60 days in federal prison for a misdemeanor trespass violation w/out prior record. She had to plea for the misdemeanor instead of 20 years and a bogus felony charge associated w "Jan 6". . Dr Gold founded America's Frontline Doctors+early cv19 treatments. She is both a doctor and a lawyer.

  5. so the judge said this thing about masks when addressing the judge … after jury selection or before jury selection ? refusing to wear the mask that juror might have been thinking it might get them out of jury duty – minor miscalculation.

  6. Impeachment or follow the constitution……violations of rights + violation of oath of office + treason……and the consequence according to the Constitution= capital punishment !!!

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