Man Opens Fire On BLM Protest Hitting 2 People, One Didn’t Make it. DOJ Arrests Antifa

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  1. Yes! I've been saying they are use women, and minorities as shields and pawns! Grown men hiding behind their human shields! And they think of them as less than. Look at how they talk to minorities who disagree with them, whether they march with them or not.. What snowflake whips or the 'N' word, then claims to be all out for minorities? Why aren't they taking the knew to apologize for that? And black folk, why are we allowing them to call us that and you're fine with it because the person of color refuses to fall in line and think like they want us to… New master, same old chains..

  2. Oh well….. we’ve watched several BLM rioters and protestors attack and shoot/beat/kill others. People are getting pissed so they’re “community policing” their areas
    Edit: apparently this guy shooting had all his belongings stolen (he was homeless) by these protestors. And his living area destroyed. He was kicked out of the area that he was living in, by these protestors. After supporting them. I totally understand why he did it. Too bad he didn’t have better aim

  3. The cops should have just said “nope sorry, we can’t come help! It’s an anti cop protest and we aren’t welcome there.” Then let the guy shoot a couple more

  4. Gunfire makes people scatter. This is why riot police should have been using live ammo since night 2 of the riots. Would have stopped this weeks ago. Most people “for the cause” don’t actually wanna die for their cause.

  5. Sweet =)
    Good , finally someone talking action against these commie scum…
    Sorry, but war is the only solution, the left has been pushing for this for years and now we on the right have had enough, we will not be have our right
    trampled upon or be silenced, by violent leftist who want to bring communism to the west.

  6. What's wrong with people organizing for their collective interests? Literally everyone else does. Are we meant to be atomized individuals, easily picked off and separated from support? That's a rhetorical question; we all know the answer is Yes

  7. I'm white and was convicted of a 200.00 felony larceny under 1984 standards in 2007 to hell wth th protesters no one is above the law. I want to kill them but the law prevents it as of for now.

  8. M80's these days aren't the same as the REAL old school one's by any means but are loud enough to fool people that aren't familiar with them or true firearms.
    So sad that she had to die, such a waste. I hope the killer(s) fry. One mom to another, my heart bleeds for her loss.

    You're right about one thing for sure, you can bet the honest to God alt-right are loving every minute of the chaos. They're sitting back, biding their time, letting ANTIFA & BLM get more & more secure in the thought that no one dares try to stop them, lulling them into a false sense of security. As soon as they truly come out to meet the "country boys" is when the blood will flow en masse. Watch your backs folks, we're obviously in for a long bumpy ride!

  9. Although I favor the concept of BLM since I want equality for all, I'm not on board with the organization itself since they changed for the worse over the years. They are hypocrites and their leaders advocate civil unrest and even said they have Marxist tendencies. So why are all these corporations pandering to them? And Antifa are scumbags also

  10. The people making 11th hour election rule changes without bipartisanship are the ones trying to cheat. We've had these rules for several decades for a reason.

  11. truthfully I'm to the point that antifa and BLM movement soros and China owned and operated if they were enemy soldiers dropped into our country we would be able to arrest them and jail them and I'm to the point I don't care what happens to themBLM or antifa they both can rot in some jail for the rest of their lives they can be put six feet under their terrorist and I don't care what happens to them. Cause the democrats are allowing them without reprisals without jail time to hunt down terrorize and kill and beat Americans and as far as I'm concerned BLM and Antifa aren't Americans but Soro's and Chinese Marxist army raised to destory us and those taking a knee are terriorist sympathizers.and should be booed , put down and called out at every chance. Americans shouldn't stand for this or live in fear. If your at a sport game anyone takes a knee Boo them, yell out Marxist trash stop being quiet because they will come for us and vote all Soro's funded Democrats and he has some Republicians out of office.