Man Swatted Over His Twitter Handle Doesn’t Survive…

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Written by TheQuartering

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  1. 1:36 Charges needed for this crime: Attempted murder for each person involved knowingly or unknowingly. Some one dies, it's 1st degree murder and attempted murder for survivors. So swatters and many others would get royally fucked 1000 year sentences for attempted murder of 12 (out of my ass. idk the number in a swat team) and murder of one.

  2. 1. Get a cross-national call from a minor
    2. Let the caller command you whom to attack
    3. ????
    4. Surprised Pikachu face

    While the kid is at fault, blaming only the kid is nonsensical. The people instigating these things could easily proxy-call from random hacked addresses.

    Overreacting to unauthenticated information is an invitation for DoS.

  3. Another solution is not use swat for everything in existence. They were created to handle things like the Hollywood shooters not to handle in home problems. They are modeled after a military response which is inappropriate for peace officers in the first place. Like you said it endangers the officers lives and the publics lives. It also instills a sense of us vs them in police officers minds turning the public into an enemy. I also think you need to try these people for attempted murder for doing this.

  4. I agree with you on this. There also needs to be extradided as well. It's pathetic with how the state of the world. Life is a priceless gift shouldn't be taken with a slap on the wrist. Both kids should face 18 to life for the death of someone.

  5. I once got pulled over and swarmed by at least half a dozen cop cars as well as detectives. Wasn't a "swat" but its as close as I can imagine it would be. They thought we were someone else so in the end it just became a great story but man were we shitting bricks while they approached us hands on guns, pulled us out, pushed us against the car and frisked us and then aggressively questioned us. And we were both white btw…

  6. 15 month sentence is a joke for someone's life. What a joke of a justice system. More like 15 years to 20+ years automatically, if not a life sentence because taking someone's life is a no no.

  7. Notice how the swat only sh00t 1st when its a light complexion person.
    They know they the media machine will not report on it and they will not be charged let alone fired.

  8. The people who calls the swat need to be done for terrorism imo, these people are literally insane and for the cops who didn't do their job properly they need life in prison for murdering an innocent person

  9. I think that maybe the SWAT team, who appear to have enthusiastically shot first and asked questions later, should maybe be charged with something as well. They can't just walk away from this.

  10. i swear swat uses "face off" as training material, there is no way they should be THIS retarded. are they not supposed to quietly ASSESS the situation from OUTSIDE the AO before they BREACH, or do they just YOLO and hope no one has a medicinal chaingun mounted to the upstairs bannister?. (murica afterall)

  11. That's crazy. I know a couple of people that were swatted about 30 times altogether. Thankfully nothing happened to them. In the end, the police just gave them all a call, just to see if everything was OK. Happened almost every time they went live.

  12. Does anyone know how they were able to find this guys address. I dont want to know exactly how, i just want to know how to prevent it.

  13. Nah, 20 years? Nope. Should be next day existence deletion service., after found guilty. Preferably by hungry dogs. And overseas could be handled and dealt with IF it got pushed hard enough by a government.

  14. I'm British, and while I would support the UK person involved being trialled, as he is a minor, he should be tried via virtual court OR if he is extradited, as a minor he again must be treated as such. I f he is found guilty to the satisfaction of a US and UK court, then he should then be sent back to the UK to spend his sentence out in Juvie/prision depending on the what is decided.

    I question why Jeremy insulted the UK in relation to this issue with his comments? I know he's got issues with how he sees our free speech vs america (BTW, we don't actually HAVE that as a right in the UK… just FYI) but I don't see how this applies to the charges that would be applied? Justice is justice, and the UK would still support the "treasonous US" (WTF??) over this.

    Oh, unless he's worried we'd do for a MINOR what the USA did for a grown woman in relation to essentially manslaughter?

    'Britain is pressing for the wife of a US diplomat to go on virtual trial over the death of Harry Dunn, who was killed when a car crashed into his motorbike outside a US military base in Northamptonshire two years ago

    She has been charged with causing death by dangerous driving, but the US embassy pleaded diplomatic immunity and took her and her family out of the UK days after the crash without informing Northamptonshire police'

    Fairs, fair when it comes to justice. NOBODY who is involved in swatting people causing death OR kills someone in their car and runs for it to the USA should get away with it.

  15. Want swatting to stop? Bring public execution back. I guarantee people will think twice.
    Also swat should vet calls and not believe every call.
    Also our phone systems need to be updated so fake phone numbers are not accepted by 911 operators.

  16. The only thing why he should be in prison is that he called the cops. You NEVER call the cops, you shouldnt be alive in the darwinian sense if you need the authorities to keep you alive. If you want someone killed you go there and let that AK spray PERIOD

  17. I'm definitely against doing things like removing funds from police departments, and this is DEFINITELY not to try to shift any blame away from people who cause police to get involved in these situations, but a tiny bit of blame has to be placed on SWAT teams for being so irrational as to take innocent lives time and time again.

  18. When you premeditate a murder you get harsher penalties. So calling police to show up to someone’s house with a lethal force response should be treated as attempted premeditated murder

  19. Even ding dong ditch can be dangerous. My grandpa who was 89 years old, broke his neck after trying to answer a ding dong ditch. It was a Miracle it didn’t kill him. 2 weeks later he suffered a heart attack. At the hospital it was discovered he had broken his neck. He passed away 4 days later in hospital. I’m great full he died peacefully in his sleep. We’re not 100% sure if things would have been different if he didn’t break his neck.

  20. 5 years isn't too harsh – it's nothing. i'd say at least 35, a life sentence, or death penalty. That will teach them.

    Same for whoever manages or allows this swatting thing to exist.