Man Wakes Up After 15 Months & Begins Helping Others See The Truth

“No one is pro-tyranny, no one is pro-suffering… we just had a lack of information.” A casual conversation on the side of Parliament Square in London with a man who had been fooled by much of the narrative until he recently woke up. Having realised that the people resisting tyranny in Britain were being unfairly censored and demonised, he now helps others wake up to the reality of the situation by leafletting information, and prompting people to think and come to the understanding that terms such as ‘anti-xxxxer’ and ‘conspiracy theorist’ are being used by the establishment to ridicule and therefore silence dissenting voices.

Uncensored version:

13th December 2021, London.
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Written by Resistance GB


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  1. The UK has always led the way in the world. We need to be the spark that ignites the fire that burns the 'elite's Covid (Certificate of Vaccination ID) plans to the ground. If every single person refuses to comply, they're fooooked.

  2. I believe that those who are meant to find the truth will find it. Unfortunately, not everyone will this time around. There is definitely a spiritual battle going on and not everyone will recognize it. It's not about the survival of the fittest anymore, ask the families of those athletes who have died, it's about survival of the smartest. Amazing times we are in.

  3. @0:59 we do t have a democracy we have a corporatocracy where are serial liars, cheats and corrupt who are puppets follow orders. They give you a choice of scorpions to pick from each election. Pick a scorpion any. Scorpion to kill you with.

  4. It is an information hijacked reality.
    Any scientific evidence of gravity?…errr NO there is not….most just 'think' there is.
    Perfectly simple example of how easily duped people are.

  5. I doubt there is a single day goes by that an `anti` moves to the `vax support` group. But everyday someone from the `vax support` group, switches sides. Waking up can be a slow process, hence the urge to surge is in full swing before the great awakening.

  6. How about firstly explaining to people why you don't want them to take a vaccine that protects against a pandemic? If that explanation makes sense, then people might take you seriously. But if it just relies on batshit crazy conspiracy theories and lunatics like Piers Corbyn, then they will ridicule you – Remember, other people are under no obligation to play along with your delusions.

  7. I'm 66 my dad told me what's what from childhood. I have been waiting for this to happen. My dad didn't think people here would ever start taking notice, he said years ago that if people found out the truth there wouldn't be enough lamp posts around Parliament square.. I read books, the truth is out there if you look for it.

  8. The Elite have been waging a stealth war on society for decades. The past two years have seen that stealth disappear and become open warfare. Laws changed whilst a diversion was created to make it impossible to act or react to those changes. Politicians are a luxury we can no longer afford.

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