Man Who Killed BLM Protester Has Self Defense Ruling Overturned, DA Caves To BLM And Man is Indicted

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  1. This is WRONG! If someone comes upon me with a weapon, or with threats of harm that I cannot deter, I have a Constitutional and God given right to defend myself and my property. Your life and rights mean nothing when you choose to hinder someone else’s Constitutional and God given right to move and speak freely.

  2. It's only a matter of time where people will decide that, if theyre going to go to prison for protecting themselves after theyre attacked, theyre going to start protecting themselves BEFORE theyre attacked.

  3. These liberal DA's, politicians, and the rest, need to be in prison for doing everything against the constitution and the law. And it needs to be the rapey kind of prison.

  4. Tim keeps lamenting Civil War, and I understand that. At a certain point though, you have to realize that trying to talk it out isn't going to work. These "activists" have shown numerous times over they don't care for the rights of others. And their allies in the media and the system itself are willing to trample your rights whenever the "activists" say so.

  5. Democrats have figured out how to get around the 2nd amendment. If they can’t take away our firearms they will just punish you if you use them to protect yourself.

  6. The hate against police, which has begun to escalate into execution of cops, is to get the majority of police to quit, or retire. When good people no longer want to be police, who will? Leftist, Marxist recruits will take over. Once they have the majority, our way of life is over.

  7. well when you can't rely on the justice system to be fair and unbiased to carry out justice then faith in said justice system falls, and when that happens we get people taking the law into their own hands.

  8. That DA is a gutless coward! This tells me one thing, it's that a lot more terrorists have to get dead before they stop being a problem… a lot more

  9. So punks attack his dad, he defends himself and his dad, and now his life is ruined because domestic terrorists are allowed to do what they want. Financially, this guy is going to be destroyed, and that's best case scenario. Worst is financially destroyed and convicted in a crooked system.

  10. That's a load of s*** about a text saying that he was going to kill one of them. if he was going to kill one of them why get a warning shot or show that he was armed. Hell even asking the guy to get off him. I would have just shot them then

  11. I certainly hope that the fed can start prosecuting these local prosecutors. There is a lot malicious prosecution out there and it's almost always from left leaning prosecutors. Let's get these prosecutors into orange jumpsuits and let them feel the other side of the equation.

  12. The bad thing about warning shots is, you are darn near admitting that you don't think your life is in danger. You shoot to stop the threat. You don't shoot to send a message and you don't shoot to kill. You shoot to stop the threat.