Manchin’s Daughter & Pfizer CEO PRICE-GOUGED EpiPen, SHUTTERED Competitors: Lawsuit

The Intercept’s Daniel Boguslaw how Joe Manchin’s daughter could evade legal repercussions in a lawsuit against Mylan regarding price-fixing of epinephrine.

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  1. My friend with asthma had Epi pens. He was having a severe asthma attack and while on the way to the hospital his mom tried to use one and it failed. He almost died and they gave him a epinephrine syringe after that. Circa 1997.

  2. Dude, they gotta get rid of that closing song. They end a report about workers getting crushed and government corruption going unpunished with MMMBop by Hanson….

  3. So, I steal it. I'll also steal insulin when the price is unfair. Theft is not immoral when you're taking from mobsters. I'm a thief, and I take what I need. I may Change if we start acting like laws mean something. Until then, I AM THE LAW.

  4. Politicians see their goal as redirecting legitimate populace anger towards their own selfish ends. Ironically ryan does the same thing, investing in the rotating villain theory more than any pundit out there because he wants to make the case that Not All Democrats (his chosen pets the intercept gives access to: Pramila Jayapal, AOC) are corrupt.

  5. I never needed an epi-pen, but found out I have a allergy reaction to bee sting. For fun looked at prices and it was like $400.
    Wow. Luckily I don’t need it but man it’s insane it cost this much. The USA is a fu..ed country indeed.

  6. The whole system is corrupt to the core, but if I discuss it with the average person they think it can be fixed by voting for a particular party or candidate. We're long past that point.

  7. Pelosi invested millions on Tesla & other green energy companies right before Biden's inauguration. Her husband just recently invested over $2 million in Tesla & don't forget that Pelosi is the main one trying to ban diesel & gas vehicles in order for everyone to only have electric vehicles.

  8. @Rising and The Hill, please cover what's going on with California and the bills they are about to vote on passing that will affect the way we live, work and breathe. They want to prevent parents from giving permission to jab their kids by allowing 12 year olds to get jabs or other medical care without parental consent; they have a bill to enforce independent contractors and employees to be jabbed in order to work in California (that means unjabbed will get no jobs), and they want to establish public health orders be followed by making police officers enforce public health. Among other things, doctors will get their license revoked if they even speak badly about the jabs, and all medical facilities are going to be forced to market the jabs. We need coverage on this so that these bills can be stopped. They cannot pass or California is going to go further downhill.

  9. Amazing that I was not hired for many relatively menial jobs until the employers received official transcripts from the universities with the universitys’ embossed seal, on the official transcripts signed by the registrars, sent via snail mail with the registrars’ return address on the sealed envelope mailed directly to my employers’ HR department 🧐

  10. Manchin's dirt laundry conveniently played when he started not to play ball: good timing. On and I thought Pfizer achieved Saint status with the Gift from God COVID gene th—- I mean vaccine?

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