Mandatory Testing For “ALL” Travelers…Except Those Illegally Crossing the Border on Foot

The mental gymnastics on this logic…

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  1. The people are so compliant, reliant on the system, that I now believe that they‘re somehow getting what they deserve by hoping the government or so-called elections are the only way out. It‘s fascinating to not see how not doing anything makes both sides complicit. 🧐

  2. Imagine having to go through all that process to get a visa and then being denied entry for years just for some Haitian bois to cross en-masse and get granted residency without having to get tested for the kung flu.

  3. After months of brainstorm the world's most extraordinary scientist have come up with a solution in order for the US to be able to test everyone coming through the border.
    They just have to build a physical barrier that has a big gate on one location, which will divert the traffic to said gate. Then, the testing will occur before allowing the transposition of the gate.
    They are also studying the possibility to, with the same advanced technique, checking if the person crossing has committed crimes in his or this country before, and even if he/she has any blood relation to the children coming with them.
    Super advanced scientific thinking

  4. Yes I'm sure the illegal immigrants will take a test within 24 hours. This whole charade is laughable. The lies are in our faces and we do nothing.

  5. If he was brought up on charges for lying to congress while under oath who knows if he’d get convicted or what ever it’s called … but you get him in a court room with a jury and he would be found guilty for lying to congress when he said that he didn’t fund gain of function research , and he can try n explain why what was being funded isn’t GOF even though it is , and you wouldn’t be able to convince anyone that he was telling the truth …..

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