Mandatory Vaccines and Covid Passports

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  1. Charles Schwab of the private World EconomicForum is working with the Biden Admin. to ensure that most people will survive the coming food shortages. Citizens that have the passport will receive regular packages of plant based food! The others can starve!

  2. If they do say it's due to lack of vaccine we know it's bullshit. The flu vaccine didn't stop the flu… it makes it so you can fight it better when you do get it. Same concept with the covid vaccine.

  3. Mandatory anything in the USA is tyranny, especially when they talk the talk, then don't walk the walk. Case in point the border. They want to go door to door and vaccinate EVERY AMERICAN, but what do they do at the border? They bring illegals in with COVID then let them spread out in the USA. They also believe that 3-5 year old's are going to keep a mask on? You can tell young people or people without kids made the mandate, it's laughable. Bottom line is the government can't make anyone get the vaccine that's decided against it, so they need to stop trying. Give up making COVID a political weapon, and yes they are doing just that. They know that most people who contract this virus will survive, they know that. Enough already, those of us that don't want the jab are not taking it, and our reasons are nobody's business but ours……now #%$@ off.

  4. 13:25 whats the law called for blackmailing. This is a form of threat, you are forcing a person in a job to choose fight or flight over, what I consider, a religious belief. It's my body, my choice, fuck outta here.
    I want a billion dollars for that shit, cause inflation be down bad bro.

  5. Everything about COVID-19 is highly suspect. I do not trust government. This is got government written all over it. If everybody’s vaccinated they are all protected from COVID-19 therefore nobody should have to worry. Either the vaccine works or it doesn’t. This is why nobody gets smallpox vaccine because vaccine worked. Don’t need a passport or anything. See the difference.

  6. Quit going to Walmart the moment they put security outside, calling Cops on people without masks. It's hard but it's possible to be without these huge corporations, at least the ones in our faces. Been without Walmart, Amazon, etc and I'm in Houston. Fuck commies

  7. Allow me to further explain what a "beast" is in biblical terms
    Whenever you hear of a "beast" "rising from the sea" that's a nation being built from a sea of people. The bible forsaw many nations being built. So the "mark" of the beast is a physical mark on your hand or forehead that symbolizes your worship and loyalty to the "beast" or nation(government) instead of God.