Maniacs In The Media (Aaron Maté) | Can’t Get Right with Kurt Metzger – Ep 110

On this weeks #CantGetRight, Kurt Metzger is joined by journalist and a reporter for The Grayzone: Aaron Maté to talk about how insane everything has gotten. From maniacs in the media, to lying journalists and MUCH more: on this ALL NEW episode of #CantGetRightPodcast.
#CGR Ep 110

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Aaron Maté

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  1. Kurp, there are several institutions that give the ESG scores. Some will rank your biz high while others will score your biz low. So, it seems the companies are forced to go over-woke to pump their numbers up.

  2. Holy crap if y’all think Aaron mate has tds then you don’t have decent comprehension skill. I knew when right wingers see more anti Russiagate leftist they would start glitching

    Be honest dummies you want the mainstream left to be this crazy. It makes you feel special

  3. “Jeremy Corbyn is the greatest political leader in the Anglo world.” – Aaron… you would be hard pressed to find a worse take on politics. He is an objective failure in every political sense

  4. Here’s a list of things Corbyn had to say on the systemic racist rape of our children for DECADES by [redacted due to hate facts] whilst the government, local councils, schools,care homes and police all allowed it to happen …………

    [that’s right, he had f*ckin nothing to say obviously!]

  5. "they have ended extreme poverty"… After allowing 40 million to die of planned starvation. Aaron is right on Syria but an absolute water holder for Chinese authoritarianism.

  6. If putting Native Americans/First Peoples/whatever you want to call them into those schools where they were trained to be white was "genocide," then that's exactly what China is doing to Uighurs.

  7. We didn't vote for brexit because of immigrants, we voted because we didn't want an unelected multinational organisation dictating our laws and policy, who and how many people you let through your front door is one of the most important decisions that should be left up to the people of a country.

  8. ..Kurt now gets it, he is crazy, IN THE MOST BEAUTIFUL WAY, out of respect for him..

    .."Kurp 2024"..

    ..Aaron, is perfect for this, a good soul, seriously, a good soul..

  9. This journo still trying a little too hard to distance himself from Trump

    Trump never forced people, including the minorities he pretends to care about, to take experimental medicine they don't want. That is real darkness

  10. His take on the Uygher genocide is so bad
    "Its not a genocide because if it was we'd be doing more than tweeting"
    But Palestine is a genocide?, Even though all we're doing is tweeting.
    The Uyghur genocide fits the UN's definition of genocide, Its about erasing a people and their culture, it doesn't require ovens and the PRC isnt dumb enough to do it that way.

  11. "There's no way the Uyghurs are treated worse than the Palestinians in Gaza" based on what information, Aaron? Your gut? Way to go man, you criticized the over-reaction to what's happening to the Uyghurs and turned around and did the same thing with respect to Palestinians. Top notch journalism here.

  12. Another crazy thing people forget (that relates to our current situation today) is that the FDA and most doctors around the country said Oxycontin, one of the most powerful synthetic opiates ever made was non addictive.

  13. Sorry guys but you are both wrong about the TEA Party. I can tell you it's history because I talked it into existence starting in 2003. It started out as a grass roots movement in support of Ron Paul because the point of the party was to legalize pot, TEA party … get it? Well if you are not a pot head you wouldn't. 
    Look up Ron Paul in 2007 to see the amazing grass roots action of the original TEA Party. Fundraising, organization, etc. The whole thing reflected my leadership. Later the mainstream media redefined it as the Tea Party you all love to hate so much starting with the Rick Santelli rant on Feb 19, 2009. That was when it was taken away from me by David Koch. Years later he came to my house to meet me.

  14. As a Brit, that he called Jeremy Corbyn the greatest Anglo politician ever was hilarious…the man is reviled here by anyone with common sense, and he lost the election because we didn't want a far left Marxist in power, for American's to understand better, he's our Bernie Sanders, an unelectable old Commie

  15. I have a lot of respect for Aaron mate but he's duping himself here.

    China is a country where it's illegal to criticize your leader. Corporate and political state is completely fused.

    Aaron made baseless claims about the German guy, which he needs to cite, because being Christian is not actually an argument against someone's reporting and the rest sounds slanderous.

    He's wrong about the German guy being the only proof of a genocide also.

    Here's a video of prisoners being moved handcuffed, shaved, and blindfolded. That Chinese official waves it off as just how they transfer prisoners, but they should have court documents that China can produce if that's the case, though none are offered. There's reports that Chinese military are bedding the wives of the uhygur men because they're legally forced to allow them in their homes while the men are detained.

    Whether the CIA is opportunistically using this likely genocide as a distraction or not is irrelevant to your devaluing info that should categorically lead to an investigation, and with identity politics no less (he's Christian).

    I'm really disappointing that after all you've dealt with with Syria, that you would so casually use identity politics to slander reporting on a genocide because it might be convenient for the CIA to use as a distraction

    For goddamn shame, and you know this will bite your anti imperialism credibility down the line.

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