Manufactured Food Crisis: Elite’s “Great Reset” Plan to Take Farmer’s Land, Convert it to Housing

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  1. Politicians have no concept of what it takes to create food. They think food comes from the grocery store. They also have the idea that anyone who owns farmland is somehow rich. It boils down to common sense and leaders have none. They need to be thrown out and replaced with someone with a brain.

  2. Mom was talking about all of this since the 70s. Wish i kept all of her literature well i still have revelation. I never thought i would be living through it. God wins🌹🦋🌹

  3. Communist New Zealand has fallen under the same Sparrow cull agreements. At least we have been given some hope in the future, with the implementation of insect protein replacements being eased upon society. Yum yum cricket burgers for everyone !

  4. Stand with our farmers, protect our food source, protect us, SAVE HUMANITY from the clutches of the the evil spreading across our planet, otherwise known as the WEF!!

  5. nitrogen is in fertilizer nitrogen is your friend stop listening to these Tyrant governments without nitrogen oxygen etc don't a damn thing live don't a damn thing grow hallelujah nitrogen is our friend you're worried about carbon monoxide plant more trees they thrive off of that and they give off oxygen which we can thrive off of apparently many of you need more oxygen because you're mentally freaking ill stop listening to the Tyrant governments and let's take back this shitshow by whatever means necessary and make it a great world and a great country called America again!

  6. General strike is ABSOLUTELY what is necessary…..its like taxes, if we stop paying these people they will have no power,,,,what can a politician do if there is no food on store shelves 😁😁they certainly wont deliver it…..remember people wont starve the communities can organize and say here is the food by here, direct from farm

  7. They've got to force an open conflict so they can bring the hammer down and take over openly. 1. Create the "disaster." 2. Sweep in with your "solution" that also happens to increase your power. Wash, Rinse, Repeat until desired outcome is achieved.

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