Manufacturing Consent: Noam Chomsky and the Media – Feature, Documentary

Manufacturing Consent explores the political life and ideas of world-renowned linguist, intellectual and political activist Noam Chomsky. Through a collage of biography, archival material and various graphics and illustrations, Mark Achbar and Peter Wintonick’s 22-award-winning documentary highlights Chomsky’s probing analysis of mass media and his critique of the forces at work behind the daily news.

Manufacturing Consent examine la vie politique et les idées du réputé linguiste, intellectuel et militant Noam Chomsky. Ce documentaire vingt-deux fois primé de Mark Achbar et Peter Wintonick allie éléments biographiques, documents d’archives et illustrations diverses pour mettre en lumière l’analyse approfondie que Chomsky a faite des médias de masse et sa critique des forces qui influent sur les nouvelles quotidiennes.

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Also available in French. / Également disponible en français.

Produced by/Produit par : Necessary Illusions, Mark Achbar and Peter Wintonick.
Director/Réal. : Mark Achbar, Peter Wintonick.

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  1. theelites monoplosized our water system and air and electricty under the guise of government and keep them bankrolled and we give them our taxes too so what they dont pay to keep us in an illusion we, pay ourselves to stay dumbed down

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  3. Because other than that a human a grown up can look very scary to a child and you can not talk to them because how would they understand and they are so mean anyways.

  4. There really is no "daily news".
    Just a daily assigned delusion.
    And to this we must confine our views.
    To avoid creating confusion.
    I may not agree with what you say.
    But I'll grant you the right to express it.
    For my press can distort it in every way..
    And the end result is to repress it.

  5. Fell asleep watching the czar series on communism woke up to this same thing different pile America is crewed unless they get these dual citizens out of your government.and courts.

  6. I just wanted to say thank you to who ever posted this . It says so much about what is and has many times been done . We have been told over and over if you don't look back at history you are doomed to repeat it. Which is just not true because even when we looked back at our history we still ended up repeating it. It is bloody well exhausting .

  7. The New York Times making history would make a lot of since about the down fall of the real press and history as we once knew it . Years back The New York Times was proven to have been falsifying some of their stories. And with that I think was the downfall of press and the rising of politics controlling the press which then and downturn controlled us. So I see that . How do the elites own big business and press? Warren Buffett currently own s majority of the banking industry and quite a bit of the press. The difference between when this movie was made and now is it now to find out who owns these companies All you have to do is a few minutes of searching on the internet. Then for the average American not so easy. So now we know who our owners are. Warren Buffett ,Bazos ,Gates, Trump ,Colgate and plenty more.

  8. Hi to everyone, specially @Encore +! Could you PLEASE provide the Subtitle in a (.srt) Format? Or where to get it. I searched the internet, but I coudn't find any.

  9. This Video was true then is true NOW √√ — EVERYONE should watch it!! Even MULTIPLE Times instead of wasting time bouncing the Internet or "Netflix & Co." …;-))

  10. This is the original creator of what has been condensed down into a stupid phrase "fake news." This was the first solid assessment of how the media can be manipulated not only by groups of people but by the government and advertisers as well. It's more complex then red vs blue and "fake news." He discusses 5-gatekeepers that change media and how they do it, first real critical assessment of media done by Chomsky and Herman (1988) 'Manufactured Consent.'

  11. The most fascinating thing for me was Noam's schooling – he had no concept of a good student until he went to academic high school. He thrived in an environment which did not define a good student and there was no competition….perhaps the two things which quietly controls us psychologically. This is also aligned with Krishnamurti's perspective.

    anything except scientific papers, congressional hearings, and court cases is 100% propaganda. including this video

  13. Noam got one thing wrong, he assumed people are good and it's the systems that corrupt them. The internet is open, free, and a low bar to enter. And nothing has changed. We aren't being manipulated by cooked stories. We are drawn or repelled by them based on our subjective world view. End. of.

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  15. 1:40:32 to claim direct democracy is anarchism is an outrage and denies every person the ability to take personal responsibility or to be able to learn about it. One wants to persuade the peoples of this world that they are too stupid to support decisions on legal, security, and domestic issues. Denying people of maturity and replacing them with the given reality of the large corporations that seem to govern is not only questionable but also seriously criminal.

  16. Let's discuss how the human ability to 'discern' collapsed in 2020 AD? Big Brother speaks through 'mainstream news narratives'. Mainstream news agencies are the fake news. Follow the money trail. Two old guys talk about who funds this Pandemic 'script', 'over-inflated' covid numbers, and how Soros funds/promotes the Left's narratives: