March Continues – Melbourne Protest

Saturday 2 Oct

Written by Melbourne Ground


  1. This is not about health but everything to do with power and removing your rights and freedoms. Evil sitting in the halls of so-called power will not win this fight! Karma came for one of them already and it's just a matter of time for the rest of the Premiers to fall on their swords!

  2. unfortunately, a peaceful protest did not free the Ukranian anti government protestors of the Russian forces. Maidan uprising ( When you have a dictatorial leftist government w/leaders dead set on locking down & forcing mandates on you it only gets worse as the tyrants want to grab more power. Organize underground and pick a leader. Study antifa tactics, i can't believe I'm saying that but they were black block to hide their identities so no police show up at their home doorsteps as well as jump in as a group and never let one of theirs get taken without a fight. Once the security branch of the government falls, the leadership will go as well and place freedom loving leaders in place. I'm just a keyboard warrior giving suggestions via studying what these movements have gone thru to gain their freedoms. Covid is a gamechanger, they have even changed election laws where i am and Newsome is mandating 7th graders&up to get the vaccines even though there are only 340 deaths from a world population of 74 million amongst 5-18 year olds which is a .000005% fatatlity rate for that bracket. Good luck Australia on getting your freedoms back. Take em back one city at a time and make sure you guys implement a 2nd amendment right to bear arms this time. I know east to say, but mighty tough to do. goodluck.

  3. I am living in the worlds longest lockdown Melbourne Australia and this is the way I am now.

    I will not wear a mask like you. I will not be tested like you. I will never be vaccinated like you. I will not show papers I do not have like you. I will not be going to hospital even if I'm dying of covid like you. I'm not a coward…………………….. like you.

  4. Well done Victorians, the world is watching as a dopey Dan dictator suppresses citizens from living a normal life…. meanwhile in Canberra the Federal government has turned their backs on the Gestapo Dans actions, which includes NSW and QLD.