Marching through Melbourne NOW




Written by Melbourne Ground


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  1. Good on you
    Disgusting politicians
    Minister says there a negligible chance he will give a player Covid but still fears Novak will give voice to Antivaxxers. All a political game. Election ahead let's see how this will affect votes
    Such dishonest fake men!

  2. Don't let evil tell you how you should live your life! Your ancestors fought and died for your freedoms you have today – don't let corrupt charlatans take them away from you!

  3. Well done and keep it up folks, sadly the fight and the protests are going to have to continue right up to the State election. May the pricktator never sleep in peace.

  4. There were lots of special police with the black uniform looking at( tried to)faces lots of them wey young !!!! blues fall back then disappeared after the parlament all the way home black uniforms on and around translations.??????????

  5. yeah, all they need to do is go into a room full of people and say they are unvaccinated and watch the people fly out the door or hear people demanding they leave. Its not all what you think. Most Australians don't want you near their kids or their families.

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