Marco’s Vineyard: DeSantis Levels Up – Razör Rants

“Oh heavens, Muffy, look. An ethnic minority.
Quick! To the OpenDoor app!”




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Written by The Rageaholic

The Excellence of Elocution


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  1. Yeah there are working class people(Chef's, Waitresses, and so on) in Martha's Vineyards that do not have proper housing. There people living in tents as they work on Martha's Vineyard. The is because these leftist scumbags treat their working class on the island like slaves. These leftist lowlifes are the true racist they do not want minorities living near them.

  2. Can confirm. LatinX is meaningless bullshit. Dad, were he still alive, would throw a hammer, thinking he'd been insulted. So yeah, maybe some hammers will get thrown when the next batch go to Martha's Vineyard. But only 50? Send a thousand. Give them an even bigger spoonful of the poison they've been feeding everyone else.

  3. Someone needs to start filling criminal charges and handing 10+ year jail time for the Governor, Mayor's, and NGOs who break the immigration and human trafficking laws. And you can forget pathway to citizenship. That to is criminal allowing defacto invasion.

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