Maricopa County Forensic Audit Report Finds Shocking Massive Problems And Issues & Big Texas Reveal

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*Disclaimer* — In no way do I claim or condone that the 2020 Presidential Election was stolen or misrepresented I just give my opinions and thoughts of media and news sources coverage of topics and practices I continue to educate myself daily on election procedures and safeguards Congress has certified Joe Biden as the 46th President Of The United States Of America And I in no way attempt to say otherwise or try and get others to believe otherwise topics are chosen carefully and I follow all guidelines and terms thank you.

Written by Sivaady


  1. SIVAADY, Your reporting is phenomenal. Dr. Siva Aiyadirai is a computer Genius. He knows his onions, and will not compromise his reputation. You, Sir, have been patiently laying out facts with clear explanations. When you say "Let the chips fall where they may" you are not kidding. I also enjoy your sarcasm and unique method of presentation. Thank you for keeping track for months and months. With the horrible joke they played, can USA afford to go to other countries for Election Monitoring?

  2. While working in the wee hours of Friday morning of 1:30 AM , the news reporter just at the end of her report claimed that Biden won the election in Arizona, and it had been found in the audit that Biden gained votes. That was the only time she reported this so called startling findings in the Arizona audit. Yet I knew the findings of the audit in Maricopa county hadn’t been released. Of course my reaction had been , “ What the Hell” !!!!!

  3. Everyone needs to share this video and show this to anyone who thinks the MCBOS or the MSM was vindicated yesterday!!! Good video again Sivaady!!!!

  4. Matthew Diperno lawyer in Michigan fighting hard for a forensic audit there was on the war room with Steve Bannon and claimed the lawyer for the Arizona senate was threatened and told to water down the results yesterday. I guess the original draft was going to ask for decirtification….

  5. Cherry pickers, these mcbos criminals can start learning new tunes, they will be singing. Chain of fools. Working on the chain gang, my baby's got me locked up in chains….AZAG has much more than a ham sandwich.

  6. Some folks texted me said Biden won and Trump lost told you so that just before the actual release. I ended up working when the release came out. But when I got off I watched the video and tried to keep track of all the data. I was impressed to say the least. Although they did not say Trump won and Biden lost they came up with some numbers that will have to be explained. They gave in detail how the Board of Supervisors had failed to follow the election laws on numerous occasions. They talked about hard drives that they found had data missing. Each member had given there experience before they gave their report and to me they sounded very qualified. Unlike what I was hearing for the last 6 months. They may not have done a Audit before and they may not have had much experience but in the end they did good! And they left the unanswered questions for the Attorney General to ask when the Board of Supervisors appear in court to answer for not following the law on election integrity.

  7. I thought you said that the hearing would settle the audit debate. For good or bad, it would be settled. I think yer gonna milk fomenting political ideals, whatever it takes to stay relevant and get them followers, ha… Classic.

  8. In the recall of Newsome in California, the envelope had two holes , one on the left of the envelope, one on the right of the envelope. If you filled in the circle one left for yes to recall , that filled in circle would show up in the left hole of the envelope. The same with the right hole, if you filled out the no recall then that would show up in the right side of the envelope. If you flipped the ballot around and do not put the ballot back the same way that it was taken out , the ballot has a black dot on it that shows up in the No.. recall side of the hole in the envelope. I watched this on the Hill news before the recall election. The Hill news , “what’s going on with the California recall Ballots”.

  9. I'm a little confused. Can someone help. CyberNinja Confirmed that the count was close to what was announced in Nov. Is the count by CyberNinjas already taken into account all the discrepancies that was discovered…eg.duplicates, suspicious ballots etc? I was hoping to see a big win for Trump

  10. The auditors did not have the authority to toss votes so the fraudulent votes were counted. They found about 50% of the vote was rigged. Now its up to the Attorney General to prosecute those who comitted treason.

  11. Ha ha ha ha Trump lost even bigger😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 this was just the way the IT guy was corrected in real time..not that I believe you know that😂😂

  12. The results show Bden lost by quite a margin (especially shocking that Maricopa tried to delete over a million files the day before the audit lol) they caught them on CCTV, prison time probably now AG is investigating and impossible to have certified something with so many frd-lent bllts.

  13. We all knew it was coming – the pre-emptive narrative. They started trolling the day before. MSM will not run the whole story. Bankruptcy, reset, and the north American union is the goal.
    Sivaady, you are the bomb.

  14. The findings are now with the Arizona AG he must deem where to take the findings in terms of criminality.Someone is responsible for these discrepancies and must be held to account.Not being a detective I would start with the Bosrd of Serpents.Just saying.

  15. Don't forget where they admit to removing the subpoenaed data from the subpoenaed equipment and archived it right before handing that subpoenaed equipment, they literally are saying that since the archived data wasn't in the subpoena, they didn't give it… idiots!

  16. THE FACTS: No, the data never disappeared; it was just moved. Maricopa County officials made copies of the data and archived it before removing it from the election management system.

    “We have backups for all Nov. data & those archives were never subpoenaed,” the county said in a statement on Twitter. County officials said data cannot be stored indefinitely on the election management system. “Cyber Ninjas don’t understand the business of elections," the county said. “We can’t keep everything on the EMS server because it has storage limits.”

  17. The vote , being close………think of it this way.

    If I owed you $1000 and I paid you back with $500 real money and $500 fraudulent money, who will say thanks that’s fine and not question it……….no one.

    That goes for the vote too, or should do!

  18. I watched the whole thing and I at first was disappointed because they made it sound like that was all that was going to happen, trump lost votes and Biden gained. I was thinking about the thousands of votes that shouldn't have counted and wanted to know what was going to happen with those. It could turn over the election. I wasn't sure if it was over or not. I was hoping it would go further than just the count being accurate. Thank you for this update. It took away that mystery.