Marine JAILED For Speaking Out On Afghanistan As Generals Face NO CONSEQUENCES

Krystal and Saagar respond to an outspoken Marine getting jailed by the US military for speaking out on the failures in Afghanistan while top Generals face no consequences for their mistakes

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  1. The answer we're looking for here is whether or not the Generals violated the UCMJ themselves and did the Lt. Colonel then point it out? If that's the case then the Lt. Colonel has a responsibility as an officer to call them out on it and demand a resolution. Lives were lost.

  2. Everything about the Afghanistan Debacle is just reeks of arrogance, ignorance and huge amount of stupidity on the part or our Generals. The really dumb thing is that they let a bunch of meat head Marines in charge of rebuilding Afghanistan?!! They ain't trained to help people but blow things up, that is their job!!

  3. I love the “we have an open door policy” that leadership always tell themselves, but the reason for it is so that they can keep it out of sight. There’s a right way, the wrong way, and then there’s the military way. He found out the hard way. Respect.

  4. What in the hell? Right to a speedy and public trial with clear charges is the sixth amendment in the Bill of Rights. Holding someone indefinitely is also a violation of habeas corpus.

  5. Did you not curly and moan when it seemed like General Milley was accused by you in inserting himself into the chain of command and taken “powers” or authority that was not his to take? Far be it from me that Lt. Col’s should not be publicly telling generals that they are douche bags and the missions they conduct is FUBAR

  6. Go easy on the Pentagon – they're gonna cough up $2,500.00 for each of those 7 kids murdered. That's gotta hurt, kinda puts a dent in this years $760,000,000,000 budget. Or maybe not! They can write it off to the war. War is over and above the budget – war's like a fire, they get a blank check to win the war, that's why they love war.

  7. He publicly made his opinion known regarding top brass while wearing his uniform. Which is (wrong or right) a big no, no. I guarantee even service members identified posting tiktoks in uniform are reprimanded and disciplined. Civilians don't really know what all active duty service members give up when they join. Unless they themselves are prior service. This why you will never see a uninformed service members protesting in the streets or campaigning for their favorite political candidate. The more you know🌈

  8. Two words that should never be in the same sentence together as a compliment. The USA and righteousness.
    That demonic war criminal has no clue what righteousness even means.

  9. If you thought you couldn’t despise the U.S. military any more than you already do watch The Invisible War. It’s a movie that explains in detail the prevalence of rape in the military and how the commanding officers turn a blind eye. It’s on HBO Max if anyone is interested

  10. As a Marine, I totally disagree with the entire segment. Do I agree with what the LtCol has to say, Yes, but it is not his place to politicize on social media.

  11. Sagar, is not completely ridiculous, Is the military, if you know nothing about it, shut up about it. we give up our rights and if you violate that code, you get what you get.

  12. Anyone who has been in the military would not find this as a surprise. Especially the Marines Corps. US military justice system operates differently than the civilian one. They described it as guilty until proven innocent when I was in. However, that is a bit dramatic.

    Either way. It is against military code to speak out publicly the way he did. He signed a contract which suspended his right to speak the way he did when he joined. This media coverage is a perfect example of why the code exists. The public through their ignorance took this Marines speech very seriously and treated him as an authority on subjects of which he is NOT. He Lt Col. In other words he still operates at an extremely low level within the military hierarchy. He is still tactical and does not have nor would he be allowed to have access to the strategic awareness required to make such judgements. What he did actually mislead the public because they took him to be an authority and it also created divisions and chaos within his command structure when he appointed himself as a PR officer.

    Do I agree with what he said, for the most part.

    Was it his place to say it? NO

    Did he know he would be punished. Yes he did! They make it very clear from the the initial training that you will not speak at political events (like the idiot at the Trump rally recently) and you will not speak of politics.

    The US military is starting to break down at every level.

  13. This is BS. He doesn't have a voice while in uniform. He takes that off as a citizen then cab speak.
    2nd point. There was thousands of collateral damage situations that have happened since USA have first gone to war. We never take responsibility. Why would you expect to start now.
    Biden didnt call that strike. DOD made that happen along with our intelligence agencies.
    IF you really want to blame then point it at DJT for staffing those non elected positions who were not qualified to serve those positions but were appointed as a election favor or a yes man to him.

  14. When you’re in the military, you can’t be doing this kind of thing. You retire and then you talk and speak out against whoever you want to, however you want to. This won’t ever be allowed while you’re in service.

  15. I'm not surprised that he faced reprisal. I only find it peculiar when brass pick and choose when they take action on dissenting voices who are in uniform. This kind of public airing of grievances whilst in uniform was similarly happening under Trump and you didn't see the same people clamping down on it or rallying behind it.
    His one saving grace might be turning this into a PR fiasco because the military in making their case will be coming after him not because of the validity of what he said (it's pretty obvious the withdrawal was a mismanaged clusterfuck) but just because he said it whilst in uniform. It makes them look petty and small which they most certainly are if this is the line in the sand they drew. I can get going after him in such a manner if he was divulging information which hampered US Security and put others at risk but it's clear this is just because such criticism makes them and the current administration look bad.

  16. Kinda says alot about the military when you gotta be kinda off in the head to actually speak out on FACTS regarding the military.
    Its as if the mentally well members know full well the repercussions of honesty, so if you got a brain shut up and serve obey.

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