Marine LT Col Says “Follow Me And We Will Bring The Whole F****** System Down”

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Marine LT Col Stuart Scheller released a new video from an abandon school bus on his Linked in Page. This was all started after he called for senior leadership responsible for the failure in the Kabul evacuations to be held accountable.

There is little known about what the former Marine Commander’s next steps are, so we don’t want to speculate on anything at this time. Some quotes that stuck out from his latest video include, “All I asked for was the accountability of my senior leaders”

“When I am done with what I am about to do, you all are going to need the jobs and the security.”

“Follow me and we will bring the whole F***** system down.”

You can follow Scheller on Facebook here – and Linked in here –

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  1. I was for him until he made the threats and it became political. All you who say you stand with him I highly doubt when push comes to shove you will be there. Talking heads

  2. A TRUE AMERICAN HERO I WOULD FALLOW YOU TO HELL AND BACK YOU ARE A TRUE AMERICAN. PROUD OF YOU. WELCOME HOME. If the men under you stands for you by your side in times like this YOU have lived and given a HONORABLE life. All The Men I helped bury in Arlington National Cemetery In the USAF Presidential Honor Guard With Honor and Dignity Has given me a profound respect for a Man that is a true Honorable Soldier Commanding or Fallowing with Dignity and Honor. I say again I would Fallow You into Hell and Back. No man in our present day history living stands taller then you Sir. You Are Still In A BAND OF BROTHERS.

  3. While I admire what he did, his anger at former President Trump was misplaced. What the hell did Trump ever do to him but reach out to help him? That was a very arrogant remark.

  4. The big problem is that to reconsider you must go to war. And all those who repeat like a robot "We fight for freedom and democracy", will need to go to war to clean your brain.

  5. Sir, you are no hero. You violated your OATH. You knew what you were getting into when you signed up. Now you've decided you want to disregard your OATH. Your ILLEGAL actions will create dissention in our military when others start following your actions. This will lead to a weakened military and make us more vulnerable to our military. You no longer have any honor. You deserve NOTHING. You are a TRAITOR to our country. Now you want others to follow you and bring our Republic down. I hope they lock your ass up and throw away the keys.. Stop WHINING like a damn little baby. You VOLUNTEERED. No one forced you to join the military. Nothing any private citizen can do to help you. This is a 100% military issue. You are not honorable . TRAITOR..

  6. thanks for your service brother, love you man. You gotta understand hell is real, worse than anything anyone will or have ever experienced on this earth. Also know Jesus Christ loves you more than you can humanly understand and forgives you for anything you’ve ever done or will do brother…just ask to receive Him in your heart, and you shall receive. He’s a man of His word😉. Jesus will give you salvation here and now, and into eternity in Heaven. He died for you!

  7. I totally agree with this man whole heartedly, but i have to say this honorable man is asking corrupt and unhonorable people to act honorable. This is beyond thier capability.

  8. Call it brother…. We're all over this Navy SWCC veteran here and I'm telling you to call it and will be there

    But don't you dare give up your benefits You earned them doesn't matter what people that you respect say if you want to resign resign but don't give up your VA benefits and your veteran status because we're not going to ignore it no matter what you say

  9. Why our Generals Were More Successful in World War II than in Korea, Vietnam or Iraq/Afghanistan
    Author, reporter and senior fellow at the Center for a New American Security Thomas E. Ricks explores national security issues and military history during a lecture at Nimitz Memorial Lectureship in National Security Affairs, UC Berkeley.

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