Mariupol: Azov Brigade’s Last Stand Falls to Russia

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Written by Richard Medhurst


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  1. It is very frustrating trying to follow you jump around from one thing to another…..There will be no diplomatic solution other than a complete surrender of Ukraine and Zelenskie has been removed the Neo Nazi gangs have been despatched An agreement will be reached when the NEO NAZIs and Zelensky are removed.

  2. The shooting at the plant has stopped. Why not have a UN appointed negotiator visit the plant and facilitate the release of the civilians and transfer the sick and injured? Surely these Ukrainian soldier will agree to that. After all, its the Russian who delight in using civilians as human shield, isn't it, not this coalition of foreign contractors and Nazi fighters.

  3. NATO "Canadian" General in Ukraine.
    Lt. General Trevor Cadieu was to take over command of Canadian Army until he was bogged down with sexual misconduct alligations. What do our leaders do? Arrange for his "retirement" and on April 5th off he goes to Ukraine to volunteer. Some of us Canadians think, speculate, that he is in the Azov steel plant with other NATO generals.

  4. The US & NATO don't want to shorten this conflict. They want as much Russian collateral damage as possible. Also a great money laundering exercise and significant expansion of the military war complex profits

  5. The greed of the United States and the Military Industrial Complex know no bounds…And, I say this as an American living in the U.S.! It disgusting and appalling! I'm ashamed to even admit that I live here…😔😔

  6. As with nearly all western propa-ganda pieces that are usually garbed in the guise of "journalism" or news reporting, the claim that Azovstal is occupied by civilians is heretofore unsubstantiated. No real evidence of this claim has so far surfaced. But the Russians are smart not to take an unnecessary chance. In fact, it seems that they have been extremely smart during this entire operation, from planning to execution right down to the details. I am impressed; they have outsmarted the west and nato at every turn. Why can't we have such intelligent people in our western governments?

  7. Putin is employing a similar strategy Genghis Khas used to starve a chinese stronghold into submission. They will starve then they will submit when thier wills are broken. Sure, elenscum can say no surrender and execute any soldiers that want to but once everyone is starving, I doubt thier commanders can do anything against an angry mob with weapons. There's going to be a mutiny to surrender.

  8. Hey, wait a minute, i'm having a confusion of the highest orda at the moment. I've been in an information coma for about 2 years now. Why are they taking women without children before old people??? Isn't that considered derogatory for women??

  9. Love to see reports in recent hours
    Joris bonson claimed russia is winning this war as well as pentagon confirmed moscow is winning this game germany and france send weapons to russia TURUDUE is facing opposition in canada and the main fact is GAS FOR RUBLE sanction is gonna back fire on western countries …..

  10. My thing is!!!! What kind of Pu$$y’s want let the Civilians out? It Ain’t NO WAY possible that they can Say Russia want let the Civilians out!! No No u can’t put that on Putin!! Russia letting be Known publicly that they will allow them to come out… and it’s always an excuse for the west! They always making up sh$t

  11. Most of the people inside the steel plants are foreign mercenaries. It is a rumor that some European and American military advisors are inside the steel plant. But no body knows the truth yet.

  12. There was video released by the Ukrainians under the steel plant, i believe yesterday or the day before. It was only a short clip, showed a lot of injured soldiers and they can't receive any medical aid and their wounds are starting to rot, etc. Guys with broken bones and all that type of stuff. They're completely demoralized down there and have a ton of wounded. Russia has given them plenty of time to surrender and is still doing so. Not that these Azov guys deserve any kind of mercy after all the disgusting stuff they've been doing before and during the war.

  13. One of the funniest videos from Mariupol that I saw on Telegram was a local denizen, who said that when they heard "Allah Akbar" they rejoiced, because they knew that Russian Army came. If somebody told me this story back in 90s when the Chechen wars were fought, I would have thought that this is somebody's pipe dream…

    (Chechens are very religious on cameras, so the locals referred to them, clearly).

  14. With the definite cancellatiion of the final assault on the last Ukrainian army stronghold in the Azovstal plant deemed strategically and tactically unnecessary for the Russian forces that are in total control in Mariupol now, the neo -Nazi remnants of the Azov Battalion and NATO mercernaries have been given the chance to surrender unconditionally or starve to death and rot in their holes like rats.

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