Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Fiery Speech Embarrasses Dems & Squad On Ukraine

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THE JIMMY DORE SHOW is a comedy lifeline for people on the left and right (but definitely NOT the center) who are sick of bought politicians and gaslighting corporate journalists manufacturing consent for wars.


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  1. We live in a dynastic oligarchy made up of some 47 super rich kings and some 538 billionaire princes who rule for the most part (and it is getting worse) and own the main stream news media. We should not have kings in a representative democracy.

  2. The us government took taxes out my check and stole My taxes and I filed zero. But they Gave it to Other countries around the world and Immigrants at the flood gates. I am getting to the point i am so so sick of this world Satan put evil in power nothing Good No more.

  3. This is why I like Dore, he is at least honest and that is sorely lacking.

    I'm from the UK and a former Labour voter, Lib Dem voter, member of the Green Party where I stood for local election. These are all left wing, and yet in 2018/19 I broke with the Green Party and was accused of being 'far-right' not because I had changed my views, but because the people in these parties were completely unprincipled and I called them out on that.

  4. Yo Jimmy – the word 'Conservative' used to mean anti war. Theclue is in the name – carefil approach to everything. But that is gone these days as most Reps are no different from the dems

  5. The only thing the Neo-Libs (Shit Libs) have is Hate. They just don't Hate the policy, they Hate the person espousing the policy. That's why they will fail in the end.

  6. Sending $40 billion to American cities would be an equal colossus waste of money. Its the same kleptomaniac friends and family program but on a local scale.

  7. Corporate America is funding a terrorist group in northern Ethiopia that was toppled down from its 27 years of iron-fist rule, these few men that did the bidding of the US in the horn of Africa looted billions and funded Al-Shabab to keep Somalia destabilized for decades. Shame on the likes of Ilhan Omar who fled the conflict because of these men and now are tooting the horn of their wealthy handlers. TPLF is now holding the people of Tigray under siege of hunger and war conscription! The greed of the few is destroying humanity!

  8. America first ,Ukraine made thier mess ,they were poking the bear ,they do have anti Russian Nazis in Ukraine, Russians have good reason to fear and hate Nazis ,and don't forget Ukraines bio labs ,also our media is lying to us on behalf of The Biden administration, Biden is owned by Ukraine he's so corrupt

  9. Our media is not news ,it's all propaganda, we've been infiltrated by enemies of the people, its all lies to protect the pants shitter in chief , why don't the major news networks show Biden speaking??? You only see him mumbling and bumbling on fox ,or sky news ,he can't do a real press conference, Biden needs to be removed, he's getting us into ww3 yet Trump was nominated for 4 different peace prizes including the Nobel peace prize ,

  10. Democrats have always been pro war ,ww1 ww2 Vietnam were all under Democrats, they use thier lame ass foreign policy to make the world unstable and headed to war ,they love war killing death drugs destruction, they support crime ,overdoses ,war ,theft money laundering ,make us all poor ,that's how they make us equal by making us all poor ,VOTE THE BASTARDS OUT!!!!!

  11. At some point Jimmy, you're going to realize that you're more in alignment with MTG than you have with the "squad". Just as I've learned that I have more in common with you than I have with the republican leadership. You and I and MTG operate on a similar set of underlying principles. We disagree on the policies but we agree on the framework upon which those policies hang.

  12. I love how you say they should just give $40 billion to U.S. cities. We've already done that…Obama's "stimulus" bill, the CARES act, whatever Biden's 1.3 trillion was called. It doesn't work because government is wasteful and corrupt. Infinite money won't help the problem.

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