Mark Finchem Talks about Kinematic Artifact testing & Gives Arizona Audit Update.

Mark Finchem Talks about Kinematic Artifact testing and Gives Arizona Audit Update.


  1. We can invoke Winston Churchill's words when talking about the Arizona volunteers. "Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few!" Churchill invoked these words when he talked about the few who made huge sacrifices during World War II.

  2. I'm so sick of these people wasting tax payers money. Cheating is cheating Biden knew if he was first one on the ticket he would win. Stop playing games with our ballots and tell us the truth

  3. So can we sue the media for labeling all people who want the audit as conspiracy theorists and calling this a “fraudit?” If proven that there is lots of fraud then the media is guilty of libel and slander.

  4. To think! If we had not gone through the 2020 election and If the fraud and ballot stuffing had not been exposed, THEY WOULD HAVE CONTINUED TO REPEAT THIS THEFT EVERY YEAR AFTER And would have completely destroyed the USA and every good thing it stands for. They almost succeeded, but THANK THE ALMIGHTY GOD, He has intervened and stopped them..

  5. Election is an important act and insuring them is performed w/ out any stratagems is vital for our democracy. So let’s see the Arizona ballet outcomes after this review. People are watching.

  6. I’m hearing the ballot audit inspection isn’t over they are just moving to a new building to continue ??
    I mean this with respect but if they can’t get a hand count done in almost 4 months then how are they going to expect same day results in future ? . Just being a realist.

  7. You don't need to go to Court for anything. You only need to issue a warrant to seize direct from the Senate AND GO GET THEM!!!!
    A JUDGE DOES NOT HAVE HAVE JURUSDUCTION OVER THE SENATE SUMMONS. Will someone please get it right for a change. Thus should have been done months ago.

  8. Its a simple solution. If the total number of signed envelopes is lower than the physical ballots, use that as the final amount. If the total number of physical ballots are lower than the total number of envelopes, use that. The lowest number is the correct value since both should match. They should never use the higher value since the fraudulent one has the higher amount.
    Of course, both are suspect but at least, the steal is whittled down.
    It would be very interesting if the authenticated ballots (authenticated via kinematic artifact) matches the signed envelopes, then we will know they only messed with the ballots and every single BOS should be Hanged, drawn and quartered for high treason like in the olden days.