Mark Kelly: The Tiananmen Square

When Dr. No-Food meets Dr. Evil


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Written by The Rageaholic

The Excellence of Elocution


  1. My couin was killed by a drunk driver – I am neither against cars or alcohol – I'm against irresponsibility – a mad man's actions do not dictate MY RIGHTS – this is why we all have our day in court. I should not have to pay for other people's crimes with my rights

  2. Gun control will never work in America. Too many people own guns. You would need the military to seize everything. Even if they start piecemeal, there are too many pro 2nd Amendment types who will resist. And even if they did completely remove guns somehow, you've got Native Americans on the reservations, ghetto and barrio gangbangers, arms dealers with ties to the Mexican Cartels, and foreign smugglers that will make / smuggle weapons in. Leftists can dream all they want. A civil war would happen long before they achieve the dream of disarming us.

  3. Well if Eric Holder said there's nothing to this then it must be true, he's never steered us wrong before cough "Fast and Furious" cough .

  4. Question: Why do people in the US love guns so damn much. I mean, yea its in the constitution, but…. yall seem to have a disproportionatly high love of guns compared to every other westernized country

  5. I enjoy your videos but definitely can't agree with most of your politics. Being non American, it doesn't really matter what I think, but practically every other country in the world is happy and better off without guns, so I don't believe the US is an exception. Fact is there are too many guns in the US already no matter what happens so I guess you're fucked anyway. Also, I think that you have the intelligence and capability to be more balanced in your approach, and maybe it is all part of the rageaholic persona, but many of the views you put forward really seem to be just as extreme as those with some kind of so called liberal agenda, along with an awful lot of calling kettle black, prime example being senators and their major sources of funding. Just my Tencents.

  6. The same Pima county in bed with Mexican drug cartels? Gotta move that Chinese fentanyl into the country somewhere ?

  7. We, down here in FL, managed to kick out useless former astronaut 2 years ago. C'mon, AZ, don't make a mistake by empowering somebody who lost their brains somewhere on the orbit during docking procedure with ISS.

  8. I keep hearing about how ‘this’ was financed by China, and ‘that’ was financed by China, and how China buys sovereign debt all over the world and how China has purchased ‘this’ major corporation and ‘that’ corporation. Um…..has it donned on anyone to look into China’s currency manipulation? They are “buying” all this with play money, and we are buying their lies.

  9. Justin truddie Trudeau is starting to/trying to take Canada's guns. He's after legal law abiding gun owners. He isn't talking about those who are illegally getting them. Zionist Jew NWO is coming.mark of their beast is coming

  10. I agree but it seems like you're just reciting bullet points from the white house on China. Are you really trying to do the "but communism bad , China communist so China bad" routine without telling your audience where communism started and who the people were that created it? Without ommiting details?

  11. I have to say, I agree McSally needs to bring out her girl balls and call him out for using his wife as a crutch so he can limp across the 6 graves from that day. Just one thing Razor, Kelly flew the last space shuttle mission. The only reason I’ll give him that credit, is solely because this angle is what the media is latching to, to say we are crazy and we grossly exaggerate or falsify any and all opposition.

  12. I thought foreign money was not allowed in US politics. Makes sense. Otherwise, what is stopping China from bankrolling a Pres candidate with 10 billion and collecting a couple of hundred later?

  13. A very credible polling firm in AZ literally confirmed the anti China narrative is working as expected. Kelly needs to be hit hard with this not to mention a good chunk of the electorate still may not know who he is.

  14. Who cares? He's poised to win anyway. As for Krysten Sinema, it was known she would vote to indict Trump just like Joe Manchin would. It's called politics of accommodation. To accommodate yourself, you have to abide by the Party structure hence the split over the vote.

  15. I knew it…I KNEW IT! I knew the left was pushing Kelly! I read his brother's book (because, y'know, space), and long sections of the book were about Scott Kelly's "alternate lifestyle" and making things work with his ex-wife and his then live-in paramour. The left wants to promote stuff like that as not only normal but preferable, as though divorce is something with no negative affect on life and family.