Mark Steyn questions why young healthy people are dying across the UK

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  1. Portuguese here! My boss forced me to vaccinate, and the government did that too indirectly by not allowing people to go to places without vaccination. They gave 15 M euros to the main stream media….

  2. I have a friend that got Pneumonia after his Vaccination. Never had it before, & now his breathing is much worse, his activities needs reduced, in the Choir he cannot breathe after singing, now his dartball( a dart board with baseball activities on it) must also stop. It makes me so angry that these people were healthy before their Vaccine, now it's completely changed.

  3. I tried to warn one of my customers, about the virus and what I have found to be true, only to be cancelled from working with them. You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink.

  4. The only fact that V manufacturers asked governments to make it impossible for patients to sue them says it all: they knew FULL WELL the dangers! Soon they will say that most young athletes died of anabolic steroids and other PEDs, despite drug tests being negative in most cases…

  5. does any doctor know what a "liquid chrystal operating system is"; to the trust the science is a perversion of science; science demands lack of faith and investigation into facts; science is not a faith based activity; those who promote faith in "questions" have perverted cognitive distortions, not based on reality

  6. I wonder if the famous sports clubs around the world were given a fake vaccine (if given through the league) and lower leagues of which did not have the higher profile simply got vaccinated through other means.

  7. What about Christian Eriksen top Danish foot baller. He had to be revived on pitch. Both My sisters have been affected. One paralysed the other had a stroke last week. Cause unknown.
    We all know what it is don't we. Facts and figures don't lie. God Bless 🙌 you Mark for this very important video.🤮😢😡👎

  8. "Correlation is not causation" also applies (same etimescale) to the new smart phones -and who uses them most? Could the age of the suddenly dropping dead groups be tied to the tech they carry on their bodies, and could the sporty aspect be tied to the installation of powerful transmitter masts in arenas? Just surmising, see Operation Crimson Mist for what wave technology can do.

  9. Hear me out.

    Some of this stuff does sound like bullshit conspiracy theory. Fine.

    However, how can I trust the "science" if they hide documents, remove people from public forums, change their message 10 time in a span of 1 week, and are not open to any sort of debate with anyone – even other legit scientists…

    Thee only way we can all get out of this is with real data, real discussions, and removal of corporations from the table.

  10. Hopefully more people wake up, because this WILL happen again. And people WILL once again think fear is a good enough reason to force others to their will.

    We're living in a world were the far left forces people to speak a certain way and act a certain way. The only thing we can do is stand up in our own little corner and say 'no'.

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