Mark Steyn – Victims of the Vax Special

A no-nonsense take on the day’s news, with Mark Steyn’s signature frank views and big name interviews.

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  1. Many of the people insulting these people on line are paid and corrupted trolls, agents of the WEF deep state who are and have been working for their NWO for centuries. Truth books for centuries have been trying to wake us up to their evil and all the CIA needs to do to silence these truthers is to convince you they are conspiracy theorists despite the fact they have spent HUNDREDS if not THOUSANDS of hours researching to expose this plan. Anyone who talks about the NWO is a nutter even though presidents have stated in public infront of millions of people that they will have their New World Order, that time is here, God help us all.

  2. Yeah they don't bother telling you that there's heavy metals in the vaccines there is got to be another reason why that they want everyone vaccinated and getting the job x amount of months it's ridiculous there's something wrong about this

  3. Charlie Schwab and his Capos and Soldiers in their Criminal Mafia Family will shut down the Truth using people like Bill "Gates of Hell" and fake scientists like Anthony "Foresee Evil". Those that tried warning the rest have been completely vindicated by all the recent studies "they" are trying to debunk. Jes sayin. 🤢☠👹🤔🤫

  4. The ones still getting jabbed are playing Russian roulette just to put others in this situation…..Takes two to tango….it’s all men’s fault love you guys but it’s all your fault and Jesus is fixing everything with the men that follow His lead!!💕🙏♥️

  5. Heart attack deaths heart attacks need of pacemakers medications to stabilize innumerable heart issues. And tests needed to diagnose taking extensive time to figure out.

  6. I wished there weren’t so many adds and talking about other things and do more reporting of the vaccine news. Some of your speakers are hard to understand,I wish they spoke as well as you do Mark. The woman talking about the older woman was really hard to understand. That dog doesn’t like the clapping and it sounds dangerous. I wished we could hear more of the cases, too many repeat adds.

  7. I wish nobody had taken this ..
    But really – how anyone who injects an untested new tech drug with no liability from the pharmaceutical companies is utterly bizarre ..
    Shows how deep the brainwashing to “trust the science “ goes ..

  8. One reason there were so many COVID deaths was it a hospital got 17,000 per person so if they hit Coleman plus something else it killed him That's what it said COVID.

  9. I don't know if it's relevant or not but Prince Philip got to shot in January and he died in April and he went downhill in those three months.

  10. My Primary Dr won't allow me to get the vaccine. I'm allergic to almost all medications. Even aspirin. I have anaphylaxis reactions. He said it would most likely mean almost instant death for me, because the ingredients are unknown. If I react there would be no way to stop it.

  11. Here in the U.S., many hospitalized covid patients are being given Remdesevir and end up dead because of that poison! Is this happening in the U.K. too? If not, your citizens need to be warned, too!

  12. As it is happening everywhere and yet, nobody stops these Satans!!!! the fact are there!!!! Money is not going to give you back your life. These Satans should be put in jail with their boyfriends and let them have fun until ……When Government includes private sector under its control and use it to "manage" the country is called FASCISM!!!!

  13. Can't even post a comment that describes who is responsible…a certain tribe, and who they are attacking…Caucasians. I have tried different spelling variables and variations trying to beat the algorithm but my comment is instantly deleted. Well done youtube…well done

  14. I still can't believe ppl fought to be the first ones in line for this experimental so called "vaccine." They were warned about the detrimental effects. To get a second jab was just inconceivable to me. Yet ppl are still supporting the demo rats. Trying to wrap my head around what they think

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