Mark Zuckerberg Election Fornification-Related Tax Fraud? Viva Clips

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  1. It is time for you to approach everything you do during the day consciously. You should constantly control your thoughts and feelings. Any negative thought in your consciousness must be nipped in the bud. Protect yourself from everything that contributes to the existence of negative thoughts and feelings in your consciousness.

  2. I need a lawyer or two .. no bullshit. if you EVER see this msg.. you might take me serious and check some shit out. my other aka is rAiLrOaDeD. fer sure Canadian and sick of the shit, with some dogs, in the race. The only way we can REALLY get to FREINDS .. is if you give a shit enough to look into municipal corruption… it started before covid. #saddlehillscounty

  3. From:- Kumar (New Delhi)
    Italy's Meloni is a WOMAN (like Nuland, Freeland, Truss, UrsulaCrazy, Finland, Markel) They are ALL useless (its another liberal promoted "ideal" that is being proven to be total CR*P) that WOMAN's can be LEADER'S as good as MAN's, no they CAnt, not possible, never happening, Its a MAN's task & a MAN's World (A FACT)

    Note:- You can add Palosi, Rashida, Cortaze, E.Warren, Kamala, Liz Cheney, M.Taylor, etc, to the list as well. See a PATTERN YET ?? woman trying to be Man

  4. Laws are for regular people, if you have money then you get away with murder.Zuck will never have a day in court. We all live in a very corrupt world but we still have complete idiots who stand behind these criminals. Do not forget what gov and their followers have done the last couple years.

  5. Four hundred billion dollar tax fraud?! Lock up Zuckerberg. By the way, lock up all perpetrators of the 250 million dollar fraud in Minnesota with 'Feed Our Future', too. OH, I keep forgetting to ask this….Barnes, you're a wonderful person but can you start pronouncing 'et cetera' properly? You always say 'ec cetera'. 🙂 Thanks.

  6. We should make a movie called “Finding Barnes’s Tie” … or a book that is the polar opposite of Where’s Waldo where everything except Barnes’s tie is muted grey thus making it boldly stand out.

  7. YouTube is doing it as well. Hubby sees the world through rose colored glasses, and I am constantly pointing out the bias with facebook, youtube, google, etc. He usually shrugs it off. The other day he noticed, while watching youtube, our republican candidate's ads he was able to turnoff after a few seconds, but not the democrat ones. As he said, "I'm not usually the conspiracy theorist, but…"

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