Mark Zuckerberg Introduces New Rules For Facebook, Big Tech Is Interfering In Our Democratic Process

Tim and guest journalist Drew Hernandez (@LivesMatterShow on Twitter, @LivesMatter on YouTube) discuss the ways in which Mark Zuckerberg’s new Facebook rules might alter the course of history over the next election.

Guest: Drew Hernandez
Twitter, Parler: @LivesMatterShow
Facebook, Instagram: @LivesMatterOfficial

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Written by Timcast IRL


  1. Nah, only the weak willed think and act that way. I got tired of the Dems lies, that's while I'll be a conservative till the day I die. Trump 2020 MAGA

  2. I think y’all are wrong about there being riots in the event that Trump wins. I say that because there isn’t really that much support for Biden. I don’t think he matters that much to people. How many people have you seen at Biden’s rallies? There was one guy waiting for him in Kenosha. One. Trumps going to win in a landslide and there won’t be any questions about it. Trump 2020 ??????

  3. If Trump does not win there will never be another Republican president again.
    They aren't in this to win they are in this to exterminate whites and conservatives.
    This is history repeating itself.

  4. what scares me is when trump wins the democrats are going to go insane a lot of dems are going to jail over the impeachment fraud but the dems are going to go insane but what happens in 2024 how are we going to to stop democrats from taking the USA then who is going to stop them

  5. The funniest thing about all this is that America (especially previous administrations) are lecturing other countries and accusing them of election fraud, but they are doing exactly the same thing.
    Although I am not an American, the only reason I would like to see Trump as your president is because Trump does not interfere in other countries and does not want to be a world policeman.

  6. I got rid of it on everything I own
    Got tired of being tracked
    Look something up of interest on web browser and next thing you know
    Its poping up on Facebook adds
    Social media my ass
    More like Socialist media
    How is this not an invasion of privacy is beyond me

  7. I had a dream of moving to America but if Biden wins I'm not coming to his shit hole left wing anti-american big tech mind controlled country

  8. Of course they will say we are SCARED to go out to vote what choice do we have we have other than to mail our vote. THE ONLY WAY FOR DEMS TO WIN IS TO CHEAT everyone even themselves know that SO LETS START TO COVER FOR THAT NOW. What a bunch of losers they are saying DON’T DO AS I DO DO AS I SAY. Another thing get the army in to COUNT THE VOTES it can’t be left to the public that’s OPEN FOR FRAUD for sure.

  9. When they say all main in votes will go to Biden that's absolutely bullshit because there are states like mine, Oregon, where it's been mail in ballot for a while and there are Republicans here and in general we had a issue with Kate Brown and the many times we tried to vote her out and then they do a recount and she stays in office. I'm not saying I don't trust mail in voting, but at the very least in my state I don't. Like most people I talk to left or right leaning they talk poorly about Kate Brown so I don't see how she is still in office after all the different times we have tried to vote her out

  10. If Biden wins Soros will call of the dogs that are antifa. If Biden wins normal will never return. You and your offspring will be subjugated for generations. Support Donald J Trump. Now is the time to fight for your future or you will lose it forever.

  11. I can't believe people are still on Facebook. I have n=been off of it for a long time. I still go on Twitter but it isn't that fun, and Instagram and others are boring. I have been moving away from all these platforms. But Facebook sucks pretty bad.

  12. FB, Twitter, Instagram etc- Don’t engage with it. If you do you only have yourself to blame. I don’t need protection. I protect myself. Sensible people are intelligent enough to know what is going on. Never vote for a rioter. Let’s go back to those old days – Kanye West is next up ?. I don’t see that happening. It’s Patriotism v Marxism. That’s your choice.

  13. All of this is straight out of the communist manifesto, its what hitler did, he let loose all the criminals from prison to cause havoc in the streets and then he told the people if you want the crime to stop just turn in your guns and we will fix it, well they did and that lead to the beggining of hitlers reign of terror. The left never changes, they have been and always will be terrorists to the core.

  14. Section 230 does not give Facebook these powers. They should be held accountable for violating the provisions of that law, and be classified as a publisher henceforth. Game over.