Market CRASHES As Inflation Hits 40 Year High | Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar

Krystal and Saagar cover the inflation numbers for April 2022 that reached a 40 year high, causing the stock market to plunge and prices of essential goods to skyrocket

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  1. Biden and his administration have been playing stupid political games. Blaming Putin is just another example of Biden's many failures. Gas prices were in the $4.50 range before Putin did anything. Many of Biden's Policies are very similar to Obamas but with more chaos and incompetence. This is why I don't Vote Democrat. They do not run an economy very well. Its always slower growth and higher prices and a bigger focus on social issues. I am not saying Republicans are really that much better. But the Republican policies when Trump was in office were not killing the average persons pocket book and threatening to put us into bread lines.

  2. The main driver of this inflation is energy. Energy companies (and certain logistics companies) are experiencing record profits. Firms set prices, period. Curb exports? No. Windfall profits tax? No. Any kind of antitrust enforcement? No. We are now waiting on working-class demand destruction to lower energy prices, because, you know, there's a lot of money sloshing around out there. We're supposed to believe it causes energy companies to jack up prices and/or the average consumer to use a lot more energy, world-wide. Class war in real time.

  3. How about threatening oil companies that we're going to pull your permits at any moment that it becomes politically viable?

    Sure that will encourage the oil companies to invest in drilling and taking lower margins, right?

  4. Its hard to even put into words any more just what a total buffoon Biden really is, He gone from saying Ultra Maga every other sentence to Putin Price Hike or Putin Tax. I don't think His nonsense would even fly giving speeches in the Senile Wing of a Geriatric Home. Who is writing this utter nonsense for Him. Seriously??

  5. Is it safe to say “millennials have gotten screwed by democrats so hard!” First Obama with the housing crash… now Biden turning our money into fire starters in less than 2 years 🗑🔥

  6. Biden, democrats and some RINOs are responsible of the current issues we are facing, from the Saudi's pariah comments, the sanctions to Russia, our energy policy, our lack of action against monopoly, the mess with the Supply chain…and the Trillion dollars added to the debt. Instead of doing something about it, we have one distraction after another in congress.

  7. Sagar, the economy is so heavily debt dependent that rate rises actually raise prices. This happens due to increased debt service rates requiring businesses to raise prices to compensate. But increased prices eventually drive away buyers and the businesses reduce products to cut their cost which raises prices. Less product, somewhat less demand equals advancing prices. Then recurring stimulus returns, rinse and repeat until the country finds the Bitcoin standard.

  8. Interesting thought from Saagar “Kids grow up remembering how their parents had to skrimp and save.” It can scar a Family and cause trauma? Does this only apply to financial problems?

  9. All you have to do is look in to how the fed reduced banks Reserve Requirements to 0% from 10 % and compare that to the M1 Money supply and you can see how all dollars are now truly 100% fiat because now not only the government but banks themselves can effectively just print as much money as they want. Inflation is truly out of control and there is not real interest in getting back ahold of it.

  10. This is all bullshit. F Ukraine if it's affecting our economy. F Russia. We can't let that conflict bring down the world by compounding all the existing pressures on the economy.

  11. I've bought dry milk for years, I don't eat cereal and the like, or drink milk much, so it's mostly for cooking – I just add some dry milk and a bit extra water. I've taken the past couple years to buying cases of soup, canned veggies, etc… Even if I don't use that much (a can/month even) it saves money with this inflation.

  12. As a former chef I can tell you restaurants know how to use food to eek out a profit way better then the average household because they don’t need to throw away as much food waste. Sadly America forgot how to conserve food with an over abundance of variety and we are paying for it now…literally

  13. Did corporations all just wake up one day and decide to be as greedy as possible? Is there any evidence that they’re making more profit today than before Biden entered office? If so, why is the stock market collapsing?

  14. Yeah yeah yeah there’s inflation and the world’s coming to an end and all…but what I need to know is how much ice cream does Nancy Pelosi still have?

  15. Quick question…. what kind of industries did Hunter Biden focus most of his “deals” on? What did a number of JB’s “day one” executive orders focus on? Why will NO ONE report on the “optics” of JB tanking US energy production while “his son” is invested in Russian, Chinese, Ukrainian, Iranian etc energy companies?!?

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