Market Risk Is Near The Highest In History (featuring James Grant)

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Famed market analyst and historian James Grant is no fan of the current policies of the US Federal Reserve.

He recently wrote:

“Distortion in the cost of credit is the not-so-remote cause of the raging fires at which the Federal Reserve continues to train its gushing liquidity hoses. But the firemen are also the arsonists. It was the Fed’s suppression of borrowing costs, and its predictable willingness to cut short Wall Street’s occasional selling squalls, that compromised the U.S. economy’s financial integrity.”

At age 74, having lived through a number of economic booms and busts as well as having authored numerous books on the history of financial markets, Jim sees the degree of speculation, overvaluation and malinvestment in today’s markets as about as bad as it’s ever been.

He lays much of the blame at the feet of the Fed and its global central bank brethren, who collectively through their intervention have suppressed interest rates to their lowest levels in all of recorded history.

This has resulted in all sorts of unnatural distortions and deformations that are hollowing out our economy and social structure.

As Jim recently wrote:

“Needing income, investors will take imprudent risks to get it. And if 2% invites trouble, zero percent almost demands it.”

Not only do 0% interest rates act as “molasses” on growth by gumming the system up with zombie institutions and toxic malinvestment, but it imperils the social good.

Savers and investors, increasingly desperate for yield, are forced to accept worse and worse choices in attempt to stay afloat.

Under this regime, the rich benefit disproportionately at the expense of everyone else AND it creates a “hyperinflation in the cost of retirement”. This accelerating war on the 99% can not stand for much longer without serious consequences and repercussions.

We are thrilled Jim was gracious enough to come on the program this week. It was a huge honor to finally get to interview him (after years of attempt) and I can tell you firsthand, not only is he prodigiously smart, but he is ridiculously nice. A true class act.

But simply put, he’s one of the most respected market analysts and historians on the planet.

So when an expert like him warns that today’s markets are at one of the most dangerous levels of speculation in history, we all better be paying close attention.

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Written by Peak Prosperity

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  1. Apologies for the audio quality issues on this video, folks. We had several technology malfunctions when recording this. They've been since fixed and shouldn't happen again (fingers crossed)

  2. Did it ever occur to anyone that perhaps the government has access to a very advanced financial AI? They could never admit to this because it undermines any other country's economic position in the world economy. Google was the furthest along in research and there is no way that Google would have been able to keep such an AI technology privatized against the government without letting them have access to it. The social media privacy trials would be easy public misdirection to secure Government/AI cooperation in the tech sector.

  3. R.E. McMaster ( )
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    My name is R.E. McMaster. Let me give you a little perspective on my work…

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  4. Beautiful. Energy is undervalued and energy security globally is dodgy at best. Also commodity prices are undervalued like precious metals, copper, timber etc.

    The second market I am into is US equity S&P 500 minus Top 5-10 overvalued tech and finance. Second, small to mid-sized US businesses that are still undervalued.

    For bonds, treasuries and gov debt only ~30% allocation in provincial/state debt in NA. Easy 5%. I imagine the returns here will mostly cover taxes, fees and some inflationary cushion.

    In my late 20s and starting to take finance very seriously. I am so happy that I found your channel thats just not another bullion hawk or robinhood yolo channel.

    My only trusted advisor is my family's trust manager where I have to book 30min talks over a week in advance.

    Having access to information on this channel and another I watch on how to manage your credit has kept me engaged in personal finance, investing and economics. Keep it up!

  5. great questions adam. I've been watching you get better and better with your interviews over the past few months. Hard to compete with Chris Martenson but you are getting better and better

  6. Just my first thought when I hear the word ‘expert’: if we have so many experts, then why are we in such a big mess? Why can’t the smart competent actors drive out the bad actors and start to turn the ship around? Because it looks to me like we are steaming faster and faster toward the iceberg … there are real crimes being committed and nobody’s doing much of anything about it! Why don’t we talk about the criminals and their malfeasance like Max Keiser does? Just a thought …

  7. I often hear that real (not just CPI) inflation has been avoided or suppressed this whole time. But the same people will admit that the cost of housing, education, retirement, and raising a family (ie. life itself) have all exploded to practically unobtainable price points. I wish pundits would stop using the language that reinforces the idea that we've had 'low inflation' this whole time or that it's been contained outside of daily life when it's clearly false.

  8. “Knocking on the door of a vast bubble”? Really? This isn’t already a bubble? Are you kidding me? It’s so big that even the ‘expert’ can’t see it. Pretty words, but he ignores the world outside HIS bubble.

  9. The modern economy is built on a bad premise: that you need steady inflation to maintain the system (assuming growth). But inflation also taxes the poor by reducing the value of the currency. Long term, the system itself is mathematically unsustainable. See Al Bartlett’s presentation on exponential growth.

  10. See when stochastics rise, and adaptive relative stays flat, thats a MANipulated permabull. The MANipulated riggers will pull the cork on the market when they see fit…no sooner…no later.

  11. The federal reserve wants to own everything. They want the unrest on the streets. It serves their interests perfectly. Andrew Jackson was right. Central banking is the enemy of the people.

  12. No need for lengthy commentary – Let me keep it short, IT'S ALL RIGGED! It's been a one sided bull market for over 10 years, don't make the simple, rigged, one sided bull market more complex then it needs to be. It's run by crooks and thugs, it's fixed, and they have been rigging it to the upside for decades now.. They have gubment floor traders installed on the CBOE – any questions ??

  13. The Fed is doing to the monetary system what the reactor operators of Chernobyl did to reactor #4: too much intervention leading to exponential catastrophic failure.

  14. Hi Adam, I like watching your videos talking about the stock market. However I have watched a few about the bond markets. This guy seems to think that far from pumping money into the system central banks are actually taking money out of the system causing deflation. Thought that you might be interested.

  15. I cannot get it out of my head that Adam has a black flying V hanging on the wall behind him, and that he is fact a secret shred-lord about to unleash a thrash album for christmas 2020 on High Folks records

  16. Just discovered Peak Prosperity yesterday, and ‘scuse the language but HOLY CRAP! For those who don’t know financial markets, James Grant is a legend! In fact Jim Rogers once advised that Grant’s Interest Rate Observer was one of 5 periodicals that investors must read (up there w/ The Economist and Barron’s). This definitely cements me as a long-term subscriber. Thx so much for having him on…I haven’t even started the video yet and felt driven to comment.