Martin Kulldorff: Lessons from Sweden for the next pandemic

Freddie Sayers sits down with Professor Martin Kulldorff.

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When the COVID-19 pandemic began and most of the world went into lockdown, Scandinavia bucked the status-quo by keeping their society almost completely open. At the time, there was a sense that Sweden, Denmark and Norway would pay a dire price for their decision. But looking back now, with all the data on Covid deaths at hand, it seems that their pandemic policy was a success. Why did rest of the world get it so wrong?

Freddie Sayers sat down with Swedish biostatistician and co-author of the Great Barrington Declaration Martin Kulldorff at the Frontline Club, to discuss the lessons the world should take from Sweden’s pandemic legacy.

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00:00 – 04:40 – Introduction
04:40 – 09:27 – Was Sweden’s approach to the pandemic a success or disaster?
09:27 – 16:19 – What did Sweden do right and wrong in its approach to COVID-19?
16:19 – 22:00 – What is Professor Martin Kulldorff’s view of the COVID vaccines?
22:00 – 29:41 – Whatever happened to herd immunity?
29:41 – 39:27 – How should we respond to a future pandemic?
39:27 – 49:02 – Were the vaccines a success or a failure?
49:02 – 55:29 – Is there a lesson we can learn from Sweden’s cooler COVID debate?
55:29 – 01:16:17 – Audience questions
01:16:17 – 01:19:06 – Concluding thoughts

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  2. Thank you Freddie for hosting an excellent event. It was an honour for the audience to have Dr. Kulldorff answer their questions. The GB declaration authors are heroes and the smearing and censorship they received was despicable. A big lesson I hope we learn is to treat brilliant and courageous minds with greater respect.

    On reflection, given much of the lockdown vs focused protection debate was not had in good faith, I do not think a comparative model of e.g. lower net years of lives lost would have tangibly changed anything. Even if we had more clarity on IFRs by age group when the declaration was published in October vs the speculative early Imperial paper, too many people in decision-making were too scared or too stubborn to consider fresh ideas. Alas “great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds!"

    For the next pandemic, I hope we can take a more open-minded, balanced and long-term approach and politicians do a proper cost benefit analysis. If people had been more aware of the inevitable consequences of missed education, cancer treatments and a cost-of-living crisis, perhaps the public would have re-considered. Thank you again to all involved.

  3. Early treatment with re-purposed drugs should have been done. Uttar Predesh in India did a test and treat strategy. They are about the size of the U.S. and dropped their cases to almost zero. If Ivermectin and other re-purposed drugs had been used almost no one would have had to have died.

  4. Sites like this on YouTube are allowed to exist because it enables censors to find the dissidents more easily. It stops them from going underground. It enables the censors to target their algorithms more effectively and control what is said, what is seen and what is believed. But more importantly it enables them to find out who said it, who heard it, how much they know and then contain it among the aware. It gives the appearance of openness but in reality a fraction of the worlds population have no idea what is happening. For example read this>>>"Data compiled by the International Olympic Committee show 1,101 sudden deaths in athletes under age 35 between 1966 and 2004, giving us an average annual rate of 29, across all sports. Meanwhile, between March 2021 and March 2022 alone—a single year—at least 769 athletes have suffered cardiac arrest, collapse, and/or have died on the field, worldwide." They are just talking about the athletes so how many in reality are dying and why isn't it a massive world news item! Censorship by omission!

  5. i have been following this scientist since mid 2020. thank goodness for those that have stood up to unimaginable ridicule and dishonesty and yet have managed to soldier on. thank you, professor!

  6. Anders Tegnell's words "I am the Minister of Heath, not the Minister of Covid-19", should be a reminder to all health authorities that forgot this reality and fell well short of what was expected of them.

  7. Lesson #1 – Ignore the WHO, governments, fraudulent germ theory, the virology scam and definitely ignore the poison jabs that do nothing but cause harm. Your welcome.

  8. Excellent discussion, honesty & sensible. At last having had co19 and the immunity protection from ones own body verses the need of a vaccines hence the right of choice to be or not to be. The old saying sneezing spreading deceases. Cleaniness, covering your face when sneezing or coughing, washing hands All simple obligation responsibility person should be able to do

  9. You have all been lulled into a false sense of security. Be mindful of where you are being led.
    The World Economic Forum and evil globalist illuninati have enjoyed seeing Agenda 2021 and Agenda 2039 roll out.
    These Drs and scientists are funded by the same psychopaths.

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  11. As living in Sweden, this claim is ridiculous, Sweden did badly. Very badly in every way compared to our nordic neighbours with similar basic settings. We had THREE things going for us that kept us from even worse results.
    – only 10 million people and a low pop density
    – 10 weeks of summer shut down, everyone leaves cities, schools and offices in the summer for living in the countryside.
    – social distancing is bulit in our genes and culture.
    If you dont have those 3 things, do NOT do like Sweden the next pandemic, it will be a disaster….

  12. Yes, thank you so much for agreeing to this interview. I think there are a lot of answered questions in Robert Kennedy Jr's book ..The Real Anthony Fauci. Martin Kulldorff is definitely on my list of what I call, "my people". I feel reassured that I chose the right path. In my world it was the path less traveled. Sometimes very sad and painful. My gut saying, "hang in there". I have and I will.

  13. I still maintain that the very basic idea that vaccines were prioritized to enrich the vaccine manufacturers. The emphasis should have been on the people caring for the vulnerable people and first responders and healthcare workers.

  14. it wasn't just the lockdowns that caused the prolongation of the pandemic – the main problem was that we vaccinated during a pandemic. Listen to Geert Vanden Bossche – the true expert vaccinologist.

  15. There is a big flaw in the thought of "what we can learn from this regarding the next pandemic". its planting the narrative that the next virus will behave the same way. there is different demographics in the different countries. take for instance two of the more comparable countries.. Norway vs Sweden.. Norway closed down, but not in a panicky way. its actually false what he claims that Norway and Sweden didnt close down.. utterly false. Im actually angry at this professor putting out nonsense…

  16. Kulldorff has been a force for good throughout; nevertheless it is disappointing to see him continuing to credit the injections and to talk about "waves" without qualifying or questioning the use of the terms.
    Adding later: I'm impressed by how gracious and measured Kulldorff is in his comments regarding the conduct of vile actors such as Fauci, Walensky, and Drosten.

  17. Sweden had high mortality in Stockholm, also in the immigrant population. Sweden took in x12 as many immigrants than Finland from Syria as an example. The Swedish FHM (CDC) refused elderly vitamin D prevention, they still do. Sthlm taxi drivers are immigrants getting covid from the airport. Then transmit to family members who work in nursing homes. Very easy to see this chain, but they didn't break it. And the nurses rotated between nursing homes. Several FHM failures that can certainly be better.

  18. Remember, when comparing Sweden to its neighbors everyone ALWAYS ignores Estonia, Lativa, etc. They did much worse. Thus, this puts Sweden in the middle of the pack. I'm sooooo surprised nobody, but the smartest, identify this… Well, ok, I did 😂

  19. 1:05:23 what a load of liberal horseshit. I am from Sweden and the reason we were more open and didnt lock down was because of some foundational laws of freedom the government was afraid to cross at the time. it is well known that things take a long time to decide here unless its a well known issue or ground. What conservative goverments is he talking about? theres no conservatism in europe, no real anyway.

  20. Iceland did well. I wonder if that was because many doctors treated their patients early with repurposed drugs?.. I say this because a doctor there was interviewed and said that this is what she did and all of them survived!

  21. You can't possibly reach 'herd immunity' when vaccinating with a leaky vaccine during a pandemic. That approach just drives vaccine resistant variants and 'herd immunity' becomes a nonsense concept perpetuated by unscrupulous people with self serving agendas.

  22. I just wrote Sweden did not use rather effective drugs like Ivermectin. I try again. The vaccin companies needed lots of death. They needed "emergancy" to make the authorities accept dangerous, but expensive products.
    Follow the money!

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