Marvel’s most rotten FAILURE! Brain dead fans MELTDOWN over Eternals Rotten Tomatoes collapse!

The new Marvel Studios movie Eternals is having some surprising problems with critics! The drama surrounding Rotten Tomatoes reviews is surprising.

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Written by YellowFlash 2


  1. Told y'all it wouldn't actually go rotten. Granted it did for a bit, the shills will try their hardest to keep that tomato going.
    That's how corrupt the Hollywood access media is.

  2. Sadly I'm more excited about Ghost Busters than I am about the Eternals. After Ghost Busters to it just felt like a long wait to see if that series would get another film then 2016 happened. It didn't go so well and now we have a return to form with Afterlife and it feels both new and fresh at the same time. Like how Candy Man and The Craft Legacy are sequels but at the same time remakes to their original films acknowledging the past while doing something new. The Eternals could've been nice I haven't seen it yet but hearing it has 10 characters to focus on sounds like a wreck if the Russo Brothers

  3. So, looks like the Hollywood shill critics are just a bunch of bigots after all that can't see the greatness of this masterpiece of diversity.
    They are shamelessly just review bombing this staple of a movie, didn't they see the two beautiful men kissing, wasn't that enough for them?

  4. To be fair it does look crap beyond The Incredible Hulk and Iron Man 2 all the marvel movies have been crap why did Angelina Jolie sign up for this utter garbage Marvel/Disney doesn't work, for cut you're losses marvel and move on Kingo and Starfox actor are crap come on marvel Harry Styles he's a joke, I've been a marvel fan all my life and because of these abominations I've washed my hands of them and for God sake don't let Disney do the blade movie It'll be a pg13 rating

  5. Did people really forget that tomatoes is rotten? They let real reviews in from critics. But they will rig audience views like they've done with rise of skywalker.

  6. News alert, we the fans do care about rotten tomatoes, but don't did a give abput 90% of critics, because they are ALWAYS wrong everything. Oscar nominated or good does not mean entertaining to watch. If I want to see a score. I just look at the Audience score and thats it.

  7. Not everybody watch the show as yet an to give it a low rating so early that is very unfair STOP SPEAKING FOR EVERYONE SPEAK FOR YOURSELF .EVERY BODY HAVE A DIFFERENT OPINION AROUND THE WORLD. STOP discouraging people to watch the film because you feel bitter towards certain ACTORS or DIRECTORS . GIVE THE MOVIE A CHANCE TO PROVE IT SELF. If you don't understand the heights of the show don't try to discourage the people who do.

  8. If its different from the GAZILLION other MCU films that we've now seen; that right there is a WIN. You NEED to keep the MCU Fresh. I'm looking forward to seeing Eternals and seeing this "Kubrik" style MCU film. Make sure you take your thinking caps to the theaters folks; this one is gonna be cerebral.

  9. The only metric is how well the movie does in the box office. The paying public are the ultimate critics. We don't like or want this woke shite. So it bombs.

  10. Check this out, the first Avengers movie had an all white cast only Nick Fury was black. Why? 🤔

    Because nobody gave a $#!+ why because WE got to see our favorite Superheroes on the big screen ✊🏼

  11. The Eternals seems to be taken right out of the book of Enoch. They’re the demons that weren’t supposed to interfere with human affairs, but did, and started teaching them.