Mask mandates are about symbolism not epidemiology (from Livestream #124)

Clip taken from DarkHorse Podcast Livestream #124 (originally streamed live on April 28, 2022):

Washington Post, April 19, 2022: Justice Dept. to appeal mask mandate ruling if CDC says it’s needed:

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  1. 14 days to slow the curve…two years later my daughter has been denied health care because she can not wear a mask to the doctor office. ADA can guarantee she is able to go to a restaurant, but because of a "pandemic" can't guarantee she has health care. Been a long 14 days!!!

  2. Bret I love you, but god damn, you make that tutting noise with your mouth way too often. It’s like an asmr of heath ledgers joker and with headphones on it’s excruciating. And to further a insult sandwich fashion of airing this grievance, I want to also say that this podcast has been of immeasurable value to me, both as a source of knowledge but also in providing role models in the appropriate response to creeping tyranny and thinking for myself. Thank you

  3. After thinking a bit more about this topic it's so ironic how those who project masks to be about symbolism make it a symbol.
    If peope always throw this grand terms around fucking EVERYTHING becomes symbolism! I mean, what about the decisions of countries being inconsitent? There is so much idiocy in the assumption that the state would have to make consistens decisions when there is a fucking new pandemic we don't really know much about. Also people are fucking incompetent when it comes to change. Especially at the beginning of the pandemic when there were only a handful of infections, mandating masks or doing something else… People would go on the barricades…

  4. To be fair when we judge the masked, we just think they are ignorant or fearful. When the unmasked are judged, they think we are stupid and evil.

  5. In Canada, the unvaccinated people are still homebound, unable to travel by train, bus, or plane. Medical discrimination is alive and well here.

  6. Sorry, if I have been judged for 2 years… you’d better believe I will 100% in judgment of mask cultists! Our family looks at them like it is their fault the mask garbage lasted so long in the first place. Zero sympathy.

  7. Is it not amazing that we need “ lifted mandates” to breath? Omg that fact that this is even a discussion shows how submissive clueless and ridiculous our society has fallen. We actually have allowed ourselves to answer to fascists.

  8. Bret please interview Max Blumenthal from The GrayZone they have already had run ins with Nina J of the Ministry of Truth. Plus you all referenced a story on his outlet The GrayZone with Michael Parenti. We would be defined as the anti imperalists and have all been kick out of both parties as both parties seek the dominance of the US Empire over the world, its people and its resources.

  9. How do Dems win elections? These days the most important DEM candidates & some RINOs win by massive, systematic, institutionalized election fraud via mail-in voting without evidence of identity or eligibility. The pseudoscientific mask fetish provides enhanced fear-porn in support of maintaining mail-in voting. After all, it worked for Dems in 2020. The next version of election fraud on the way is amnesty & voting rights for 50M+ illegal aliens, plus the millions since the former VP opened the border, thus creating 95% new, grateful Dem voters…THIS is why they surreptitiously drop them in red & swing states. Just sayin'

  10. In my work environment we have to ware masks while standing and walking round the building. But you can take you mask off while seated how crazy is that!

  11. Canadians used to have a fairly high trust in our government. A lot likely still do (or are just sycophantic), but a lot of us are no longer interested in following along.

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