Masking Kids 10-12: A New Natural Experiment From Finland. Did it work?

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Vinay Prasad, MD MPH; Physician & Associate Professor

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  1. It does not matter whether masks works or not! Here in the west the individual do not belong to the state/the collective, the nation belongs to them and the state is put there to only serve the people not lead them or tell what to do! These communist/technocratic authoritarian ways we have seen sneek into our lives over the last few decades needs to be stopped!!!

  2. No one wants to have simultaneous conversations? Masks as protective health gear & the physiological and psychological effects of mask wearing.. let's talk about the health effects even if we don't understand what to look or where to start we need to start paying attention and learning beyond what gets mainstreamed.

  3. "dumbest thing I've ever heard" That actually sums up a lot of what has been going on given the actual data that has been collected along the way…. data that seems to be more accidentally collected than intentionally collected only due to the fact that it is most likely already known that many mandates are useless and have negative impacts.

  4. I still see folks walking outside alone, in their cars alone, and in the supermarket by themselves with masks on.

    This was a governmental experiment to find out how many folks would comply with nonsense.

  5. Excellent done sir!! Dr. What is the reason these people are doing what they are doing? They use "science" but from my understanding that "science" is Fauci's science while making billions of dollars! Real science said masks for kids under 12 is useless. What say you and others who have pushed for various kinds of plandemic plans?

  6. Thank you for making this video. I live in NYS and have a 4 and 5 yr old, both were forced to mask up up until about 6 weeks ago, my 4 yr old brought Covid home when he was masked up.. Every one is fine. Since the mask mandate has been lifted their school experiences have improved dramatically.

  7. It's as refreshing to hear an uncensored scientific perspective as it is bewildering that science has been redefined (as has immunity, vaccine, gain of function….) and that a psychology grad student could see the lack of validity of "research" offered by technocrats with another agenda.

  8. Here in Ottawa (Canada's capital) they just reinstated the masks-for-schools law. Just the kids get suffocated all day long. They're already completely brainwashed, I worry at what point there will be no going back for them. Especially the young ones 🙁 They live in perpetual fear now.

  9. I worked in the semiconductor industry for 20 years (1979 to 1999), 15 of which i was in the emergency response team. It was known then what it would take to stop an airborne virus, a class 1, level A PPE (personal protection equipment). If you have ever seen Dustin Hoffman's film "Outbreak", that is what it would take, completely sealed off suit and breathing bottled air. People do not understand how small a virus is (just like they do not understand how big a billion $s is). OF COURSE MASKS DO NOT WORK!

  10. Even if masks were effective at preventing Covid, it wouldn't be worth it. There are social/psychological costs to masking, it isn't something anybody has the right to ask or impose. Covid isn't deadly enough to justify this nonsense, and has not been for the past year.

  11. Masking had a huge downside for kids. Developmental milestones depend on input at the right stage, and if left to late can be impossible to remedy. Learning to interpret and respond to facial expressions is a hugely important skill. Expect studies regarding social awkwardness and mental illness to be showing this for decades to come. I said it at the start, along with many other things which are coming true about the ridiculous policies pursued. I can understand the Chinese screaming in Shanghai, My despair and frustration at UK policies led me to screaming in a remote field here in the UK. The tragedy is that most people are blissfully unaware of the damage done and have moved on. They will suffer forever for their compliance, and they deserve to. A crime against humanity has been committed on a generation of children.

  12. Everything they all did, especially in Canada, has been the greatest politician created disaster (outside of war) in history. At the root of this problem, and then spreading out from there like a true contagion thanks to the media and social media, was the unholy alliance of not-so-bright politicians and power-hungry doctors (many of them not so bright either). We had existing pandemic plans. These plans were developed by a huge cross-section of experts from many fields, not just 3rd rate medical people with no international credentials. The plans called for protecting the vulnerable (we saw the catastrophic failure of that principal), managing the actual virus itself (again, a catastrophic failure), ensuring the economy was not seriously impacted (say no more on that), and that the social fabric was not torn asunder. Well, almost no government on earth followed those well-developed plans. It's unlikely the lords of destruction even glanced at them. Instead, we saw unbelievably draconian and knee-jerk policies. We saw our rights unilaterally taken away. We saw cruelty, and continue here in the 3rd-year of this "pandemic" to see it, that boggles the mind. We saw relentlessly unscientific decisions by unqualified people while eminent doctors and scientists were censored, demonized, and threatened because they spoke with true scientific knowledge. And the worst part of all this, as if it could get any worse, is that none of these fearless leaders have learned a damn thing. They're all too willing to implement the same disastrous policies again and again, and again.

  13. We've already known for years that paper and cloth masks are useless, but even if they work, why would anyone care if a ten year old gets Covid, and the associated cold/flu symptoms (assuming they even have symptoms)? Their chance of dying, unless they're morbidly unhealthy, is for all intents and purposes zero.

  14. Never put one of those dirty germ farms on my face once in the two years. I lived on the edge, ordered everything online, and voted with my dollars where freedom was defended and promoted.

  15. Very nicely done, well argued, dear Doctor Prasad. The believers will continue to believe, the dis-believers will continue not to believe. The mandators will never believe anything other than what they want to believe. After more than two years, worldwide, we still at page 1.

  16. And if they didn’t try masking, they would be criticized for not protecting the children and teachers. This is overly simplified, you don’t know where the kids are getting the virus, perhaps at home. So don’t be silly thinking masks don’t work or health workers won’t wear them and spread everything to you.

  17. Do you think the US will ever do a study on the developmental issues that will come from masking 2 to 5 year old children? I am afraid we will see a rise in autistic like systems in the future.

  18. That’s the teachers union group because they’re paid by the teachers union to make it seem like there’s still a problem so the teachers can still work from home because they’re fucking lazy

  19. In Italy kids aged 6 and older have now been wearing masks (ffs!) for more than a year. I can not take it anymore. Measures should (?) end by May 1st, at least the ones about masking, but it seems that my kids' school intend to pursue masking for all, even if the law does not enforce it anymore. How the hell is that possible? I do NOT intend to continue masking my kids, especially if it's not a legal requirement anymore… (but that's still to be seen, seems like Italy wants to be the teacher's pet and go on with ridiculous measures and restrictions while all other countries are now basically "free").
    So thank you for this study, I will make good use of it if the occasion presents itself…..!!!!!

  20. Tale a look at Sweden . NO mask mandate . Anywhere . Ever. Few used masks I. The beginning of 2020 here where I am .
    Stop pretending this is about a virus . We waste our energy proving our point to pro vaxers . Talk about who has interest in the panic and the fear .

  21. The problem–as I have read–is that masks protect everyone else from the masked, not vice versa. When you just mask a small portion of the population, their eyes and ears and–too often–noses are still open to the airborne virus. It's compounded by the expense of masks that are actually effective. It's like going to an orgy where everyone has untreated hiv and using a fabric condom.

  22. Respiratory therapist from Florida 30 years experience here. Thank you for not being afraid. the physicians I work with are really disappointing. The fear is palpable. Ive worked through this pandemic man made or otherwise. An n95 was always worn for TB isolation. Surgical masks to protect those who were immunocompromised. But Im watching my coworkers wearing 3 and four masks one on top of the other in combination. 3 paper and one n95. when you explain how an n95 works you get blank stares. Theyve all been vaccinated multiple times have all been sick and have rashes.

  23. Yet in Canada, many employers are still mandating masking, above and beyond government mandates being dropped.
    In the past decade in Canada, masking at public demonstrations had been banned for "security reasons".
    Yet only 24 months later, "security" didn't matter anymore and public masking went from being banned to being mandatory.
    People are so picky choosy about "security", it's nothing but fear.
    ALL MASKING should be banned, unless "science" can demonstrate, via RCT, that an immunocompromised person benefits from wearing a mask half-arsed, oops, properly fitted N95 to the point of facial bruising.

  24. What id like to know is why are they censoring and removing all videos on "don't drink the water", which talks about SNAKE VENOM in the water as well in the vaccines ????? hummmmmmmm oh and do you think 5G could be playing a part in this scamdemic as well ???

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