Masks On The Beach (Melbourne)

Written by Melbourne Ground


  1. I always wear 10 masks just to be safe but problem is the weight of my masks coupled with my big heavy brain 🧠 their is to much weight for my neck and I worry it will snap.

  2. Victoria clain two thirds of all covid deaths in Australia and yet they still wear masks. Check out the Australian Federal government covid data for yourselves. Victoria and NSW and then most other states are almost zero deaths.

  3. Anyone that wears a jaw bra needs it for it's supportiveness as they clearly have a weak jaw. People that won't wear masks have strong jaws because they are always strengthening them by way of exercising their right to speak out againts tyrrany. The only way to get fighting fit and strong is to put in the personal hard yards and practice time.

  4. Beautiful beach scene. I really like the unusual rabbit and dog people statues too. I saw they were holding cups like they're begging. Are they for good luck? Just curious is all.