Mass Civil Unrest Is Being Organized For After The Election By Leftists

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  1. The Tea Party organized mass events, including over 200000 members gathering in a Washington DC rally. They were vilified as racist in the press and persecuted by Obama's IRS.

  2. Tim, I realize you're new here so I'll break it down real simple.
    Conservatives don't need to barf out websites to organize.
    We. Already. Are. Organized.
    We're just patient and don't pat ourselves on the back for internet likes.
    God help them if we run out of patience. Nobody else will be able to at that point.

  3. Trump should not concede period. A person that works at a local hospital spoke with a person that had just had heart issues. He worked for the postal service part time on his day off. He expressed he was so overwhelmed by ballots. His comment was well in Oklahoma we know how everyone will vote so I just trash them. What the heck. It was reported to the postal service. This guy was for trump. My question what about the democrat states. Should be in person period or certified ballots only period. Supreme Court should address this directly.

  4. Why would the Democrats concede they have contested every election they lost with the exception of Regan for 50 years. Accuse your enemies of everything you are planning

  5. You guys should look at whats happening in Venezuela right now its what America is gunna go through if some how it cant be stopped. Nationwide power outages mass looting and rioting street fights night and day against the police and millatary

  6. Holy hell, @Timcast Check this out –

    So, I just went to that protest website and noticed a video at the bottom of the main page. I don't know how keen you are on The Lincoln Project and their videos, but to sum it up: Just about every one, if not all, of the videos they've made to smear Trump all have the same look/style. Well, not even 2 seconds into this video on, I immediately noticed how strikingly identical the looks and feels of this video and The Lincoln Project's smear videos were.

    In a year where we've seen just about anything and everything, I wouldn't feel unsure in the least bit that The Lincoln Project is behind this website. Hell, that's not even that wild of an idea now that I think about it. There's most likely some real big names behind it. Do you think there's any point in trying to look further into that in attempts to expose them?

  7. Tim, do you have any idea what happened in 2000? Gore refused to concede the election, and the ballots in Florida were contested in the Supreme Court. The Democrats lost in Bush v Gore, when the conservative bloc voted to stop counting. Which in essence declared George W Bush the president-elect.