Mass EVICTIONS BEGIN With 750K In Immediate Danger

Krystal and Saagar go over the immediate consequences of the supreme court’s decision to end Biden’s eviction moratorium and why rental relief funds from congress failed to get distributed

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  1. Time and again the government proves itself to be WAY out of touch with the American people. Not just out of touch, but averse to actually prioritizing us and in business to profit off of our fears, suspicions and suffering. Americans are depressed, getting poorer, and have only a bleaker future to look forward to. And our media feeds off of turning us against each other. Just make sure you vote next time around so that things can "change". And don't forget: never talk to your neighbors before checking what their yard signs say. They may be enemies.

  2. People burnt bridges and screwed their landlords while they continued to work and get stimmy checks just because they could. Just like people that deferred mortgage payments while still working and blowing money now facing foreclosure because of balloon coming due. Now taxpayers need to be on the hook? No thank you. Spare the sob stories, look at price increases and lack of inventory of rvs, new trucks, side by sides, boats, bikes, etc and tell me the masses were smart with their free money and rent/mortgage non payment.

  3. Ehh if you haven’t been paying this entire time and also haven’t been anything to find employment or a means to make money I can’t say I feel bad. You had plenty of time. And yes I understand if u missed a few months especially in the beginning but currently you’re ass is just being lazy

  4. I also love how u guys keep pushing this narrative that any one is arguing with getting out of Afghanistan 😂 it’s def more so how it went down so please do the ppl a service by wording it better

  5. A lot of people here, along with Krystal and Saagar, seem to have NO IDEA what they're talking about and just lazily bitch about gOvErNmEnT fAiLuRe without diagnosing the problem. The government could easily drop money into people's bank accounts, but it needs to have a properly designed computer system in place YEARS before trying to do this. IRS systems or DMV systems aren't enough: the US needs a PROPER federal ID for all US citizens with a web portal and tie-in to State/Federal computer systems that facilitate government services… the easiest service (once set up) being electronically wiring money to people's bank accounts.

    The government can't do this on the fly in the middle of a pandemic, for a few payouts here or there. We need to overhaul the basic computer systems of Fed and State governments with open source software commissioned with whatever budget is freed up from Afghanistan… THERE'S your infrastructure right there. Let's get real here for a minute, if a Fed ID computer system similar to Estonia (look it up) with a money button was proposed tomorrow, most dems would say "Oh, ok, yeah that seems reasonable" but most republicans would scream bloody murder over SOCIALISM!!! AHH!!! …and nothing would get done.

  6. Let's not forget, that at the same time as everyone is going to be evicted, you have places like Los Angeles that is now implementing their anti camping laws to prevent homeless people from being able to sleep literally anywhere.

  7. Want more homelessness? Take away the ability to collect rent. Who would let you take over their property, their largest asset, if not for financial gain? This was a handout to banks taking over private property through foreclosures. Should we make them serfs to work the land for room and board?

  8. If you aren't standing with landlords you're siding with banks taking over people's largest asset, that most worked their entire lives to purchase. That's what happens when you can't collect rent. Additionally, since when does the CDC, unelected bureaucrats have the power to make this decision? The president doesn't have the power to make this decision.

  9. Here in Florida to get the renter assistance money you needed two forms of photo id. The person collecting the money had to have the house registered as a business LLC. And had to have the license for more than 2 years. They made it impossible to get rental assistance in Florida.

  10. I know some and have heard many stories of others who lost their jobs during the shutdown and therefore were not paying rent but later were receiving $800 a week unemployment. After the checks stopped it was pretty easy to find a job, at least in my area. I believe a lot of people are going to walk away from their rentals with a lot of cash.

  11. This is not accidental. This is the product of a Congress that is owned by large investors and the ultra wealthy. People keep wanting to blame Congress, however, most people keep electing the same senators and congress people over and over expecting a different result. We DESERVE this. As long as we continue to elect corrupt politicians we can't expect anything nice. The only reason we got stimulus checks is because usually there was more money embedded in that legislation for corporations. We also elected a Republican President in 2016 who fundamentally shifted the Supreme Court. Should the Supreme Court be politicized? No, but it is and even if we had crooked Hillary we probably wouldn't be in this situation. My heart goes out to all those who really tried to change things and worked their hardest to elect the right people, however, I have no remorse for Republicans or lazy Democrats who don't bother to vote and ended up in this situation.

  12. Get off your ass and go to work. Jesus, it's been 18 months, collecting unemployment and the cares act in addition to not having to pay rent. How much time do you need?

  13. I can’t help but think back to everyone I know that went nuts talking about how Biden would usher in some new era of peace, civility, and better times full of smugness. Trump was narcissistic and short sighted with many flaws, but the major hate from these people (who are all very well off bleeding hearts) coming from what they wanted to hear from their narrow news sources. Biden had a chance to step up but he and Kamala have been the biggest lame ducks and let downs. They totally duped and punked the people that voted for them and the silence from most of the media is deafening. Clean all of congress out and start over, the rot is too deep.

  14. When the nation starts to revolt the government will their usual distraction play book out……….aggression with China, and it will be on China's doorstep, just in time to divert the masses anger & get them waving the flag UGH!!!!

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