Mass Formation, the Noble Psyop, Sudden Scientific Consensus and Conspiracy Theories (from LS #121)

Clip taken from DarkHorse Podcast Livestream #121 (originally streamed live on April 02, 2022):


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Herschel Walker skeptical of evolution, HuffPost, March 15, 2022:

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  1. Yes, we who follow your vlog are the choir who are being preached to. We probably fall in the 3 rd group. Being in the “minority” of 10 to 30% who aren’t buying the mass hysteria. The persons who wish to control the masses only have to, if they have properly recruited the 30% who blindly follow, wait for the majority to attack the non-believers. We are instinctively compelled to join a group; to follow a leader; to attack “outsiders”. We are still apes. Those who, evil or not, wish to control us, recognize our instincts. And Bob’s your uncle.

  2. These simple minded takes literally gelatinized my brain. For some profiles, your chances of survival / quick recovery were definitely increased by at least one round of vaccination. No we don’t need the same treatment plan for everyone from toddlers to 20 year olds to 80 year olds. But to deny the incredible benefit for sensitive groups to the vaccine is being purposefully obtuse and denying the most salient data we’ve gathered

  3. Sometimes you even have the word “conspiracy theorist” used if you are careful to talk exclusively of factual events. Weirdest use of it yet, it’s like someone organically identifies you as not being a non player character.

  4. Having worked closely with pharmas on 'regulatory information management' systems that support complying with the regulatory frameworks involved in bringing drugs to market and managing their lifecycle in the marketplace, I find your comments about pharma companies to be at the level of some pothead progressive college student ruminating in some classroom against "the man". What people running businesses respond to are the incentives they face, just like all other human beings.

    What you must ultimately face in this discussion if you are to be taken seriously at all is your own belief in the power of govt to successfully regulate anything. What's happened in pharma is what happens in all regulatory environments – regulatory capture. It's gone on to an absurd extent in pharma to the point where the drug companies directly fund the FDA, lol, and various govt health agencies and labs and scientists get to own patents so they have a financial interest. The problems are obvious, and occur over and over again. It's not some flaw in 'business people" – you cretins. It's a fault with 'people'.

    And lets be clear. The unethical and deceptive behavior of scientists and academics during the pandemic revealed they may be the biggest scumbags on earth. I work in "business" and I can tell you I don't see behavior like your fellow scientists engage in. Perhaps that's cuz we don't think we are the masters of the universe as the average hack with a science degree believes him or herself to to be these days? Check your own field before sliming others. And be clear, the scientists do the lying for the 'business' people. The business people trust the lying scientists. Behind every bad thing some pharma does, their is a gaggle of lying scientists. In fact, many of those in leadership in the pharma business are scientists.

    It turns out the free market types have this all right and you soft socialist, progressive mushy sorta marxists have it all wrong. Free market people see this problem clearly and have solutions for it. You guys? Nunca. Nada. Bupckus other than sneering at "business'. I do like you both but it's my role I guess to point out where your reflexive leftists worldviews are biasing you to the point of blindness.

  5. I admired Hannah Arendt for so long, and I still find her observations about evil and the Nazis trenchant. However, I subsequently read the real history of the Nuremberg and other Nazi trials and was absolutely astonished by how corrupt and inhumane they were. The Nazis were tortured mercilessly and forced to confess. The procedures were utterly corrupted. While I'm sure most people would say "who cares, they were Nazis", the entire point of US NOT BEING NAZIs is that our laws are just and that we treat individuals justly. In pursuing that justice at Nuremberg, we did grave injustice. I don't find this truth convenient or easy to digest. But it is nevertheless, the Nuremberg trial was a lawless exercise that excused and ignored Soviet atrocities in Finland and Poland, as well as in East Germany in the final months of war, raping 2 million women just for starters.

    It essentially imposed international law retroactively and ran show trial prosecutions of what were mostly random captives who were symbolic. The rage of the West was palpable, Churchill wanted summary battlefield executions, Stalin viewed this is a propaganda exercise, only the U.S. attempted to make it a legitimate legal process and on that count if failed horribly. There is a nice intro to this topic here for those who are interested.

    And no, I'm no Nazi apologist, far from it. I actually started reading up on Nuremberg after being exposed to Arendt and I was literally horrified by what I learned. And she must have been aware of much of it, and in her writings one actually finds that she knew how illegitimate the proceedings were.

    Humanity sucks, nonstop…

  6. I tend to think that those in control right now are evil because the alternative is that they are total idiots. The policies in place and coming into place right now are so obviously self destructive I just cannot fathom anyone actually believing that they are for our good.
    I also think these people (Obama, Soros, and people like that) were brilliant to collect so much power to themselves. I want to read the passage that Heather read about people objecting to the current narrative can also be deceiving themselves.

  7. Not only is the insistence on scientific-consensus-as-a-generalized-always-applicable-argument a fallacy, but especially is it a fallacy when the scientific data and evidence is actually largely on the side of the dissenting ten percent !

  8. It's easy to jump to the conclusion that there is a conspiracy, because so many are acting in league (not merely in concert). I would say that the crisis was not brought on by a conspiracy, but that it likely has spawned smaller conspiracies to manage the crisis (and in the wider world, take advantage of it).

  9. At 2:15 she discusses the author’s “railing” as he describes human foibles, a.k.a. sins. It’s somewhat strange to see her evolutionary mindset grappling with morality without invoking God. But yes, Man is evil . . so evil that he doesn’t know how evil he is. Thank God for Christ-

  10. If only folks cared about the meanings of words…
    "Conspiracy Theory"
    Well last I fucking checked, for an hypothesis to become a theory, it has to be either supported by irrefutable facts, or by reproducible experiment.
    A theory isn't a whimsy, or even something that can be assailed by anything but another proposal that has survived the same gauntlet of doubt.

  11. Excellent podcast! Thing is, people have been slowly dumbing down for decades, abdicating personal responsibility and giving it to elected officials. Most people do not do their own research. Most people are sheep in large crowds who, when all of this current facade falls apart, will be the ones who say, "What happened?", as they hopefully actually awaken from their self induced slumber.

  12. Desmet conveys a psychological phenomenon with a great deal of clinical accuracy. However, he completely misses the nature of the beast. In reality, the "leaders" he refers to are not actually the leaders. They are puppets. The COVID psyop is simply another act in a sprawling drama in which an innumerable succession of acts demonstrate one thing over and over: that an oligarchy has the power and the wherewithal to control the masses in ways that go against the masses' best interests. The masses generally cannot see what is happening. They believe that the crises they are routinely facing (pandemics, economic crashes, terrorism, totalitarianism, etc.) are organic, springing up from the depths of a chaotic universe. They believe that their leaders are actually in charge and are responding according to their own best judgment. In short, the masses buy into the theatre which has been artfully prepared for them by an oligarchy that in recent centuries prefers largely to remain hidden, an oligarchy whose skillful manipulation of society has been honed over millenia and who in recent times have multiplied their tentacles and sought unparalleled control through technocratic means. Look at the Club of Rome, the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations, the Committee of 300. These organizations profile and groom the future "leaders" that the masses believe are in charge. But they are not in charge and if they step.out of line, they are simply eliminated. Dr. Desmet ably describes the outcome. But he seems to be in the dark as to its true causes and he seems to be blind to the mechanisms behind the theatre that design, shape and implement the operations that cause the average person to relinquish their reason, their autonomy and their full potential. Unless we understand what is going on, we won't be able to combat it. But Dr. Desmet's contributoon is perhaps a good first step for many.

  13. Bret and Heather, thank you for asking CNN and Disney and President Biden, Where is TRUTH and HONESTY and INNOCENCE ??? Where is SCIENCE now ???? …I am an M.D. from Florida…I have NATURAL IMMUNITY…I worked for Disney in college…I have 5 granddaughters…I voted for Ron DeSantis..FDA staff and Joe Biden and all Medical doctors like Dr.Fauci and Gupta and me were told vaccines are totally safe, totally work, and have no side effects..especially for African-Americans, especially for children..We were lied to …

    My chef knows and can name every ingredient in my soup…My doctor cannot name even 1 ingredient in my vaccines..

    ….I am an M.D. from Florida,USA..

    Facial diapers and the Mask dictators and this mask propaganda and Pfizer and vaccines and boosters have failed. Pediatricians get paid with a kickback from the HMOs for vaccinating your kids..Did Pfizer lie???..Cheat???…Hide the problems???.. Did (y)our FDA and CDC and Fauci????….

    Remind Pfizer or Mr.Science of the facts or prove me wrong….I have natural immunity now ..I am NOT vaccinated and Not contagious..Like Queen Elizabeth, Pres. Trump, and over 3 Billion people, I have Lifetime Immunity…

    I got COVID this year for 2 days and was cured in 2 days with Zinc, Vitamin C & D, and the Nobel Prize-winning medicine from the M.D. , known as the Joe Rogan "I" Pills"…

    I am an M.D. that treats Covid patients…Fauci has not treated patients in almost 40 years…Fauci has 1 order= take vaccines and then boosters forever..The Chinese ALPHA (SARS-CoV2) evolved over 2 years into DELTA which evolved into "OMICRON", a benign childhood common cold for most of the world…

    Vaccines against ALPHA do not work…

    Masks do not work…Spreading 6 ft. apart does not work..

    In over 400 TV interviews Fauci has not told us how to improve our immune system..I got Covid in 2021 and was cured in less than 3 days with the legal human pills ordered by my M.D. that won the NOBEL PRIZE and has been safely taken for over 20 years by over 4 Billion people..I immediately recovered my taste and smell with ZINC..

    I worked at Tuskeegee treating the Black survivors after the US Nuremberg experiments were revealed..I am an M.D and have more vaccine facts for your viewers/supporters…Vaccines DO NOT work..Boosters DO NOT work..Jen Psaki is visible proof== COVID VACCINES DO NOT WORK…SURVIVING REAL COVID IN OCTOBER NOW GIVES HER LIFETIME, ROBUST, FULL IMMUNITY..

    My mother was an R.N…She was Head Nurse for the ER …She voted in every election…She went to every PTA meeting for the 5 of us..She stopped giving vaccines when she saw the reactions..She would not trust or believe the Chinese or W.H.O. or Fauci..

    My sister was an charge of the Vaccination Department for the County Health Dept. She and her staff gave 100,000's of vaccines and then quit when she saw the reactions…She would not believe or trust China or W.H.O. or Fauci.

    My wife was an R.N. and she did not believe Fauci either..

    My 2 brothers were M.D.'s= OB-GYNs bringing life into the world and they did not believe Fauci and stopped giving vaccines when they saw the reactions..

    I am also an M.D. and my children, mother, and brother have had these reactions with prior vaccines..I will not discuss my side effects..I work on the front line treating patients face-to-face but did not take the COVID mRNA vaccines…

    In 2021 I got COVID and I was cured with 'SPIvermectin' ($18).- Now I am now blocked from FDA & CDC & CNN & Facebook–What did I say–"Research what FAUCI says…Research what I say."I am seeing co-workers, friends, and patients with COVID vaccine side effects…

    COVID vaccines are not what we were promised.Did you ever wonder why Fauci has never told us how to improve our immune system in 450 TV interviews?

    I wish we had mandatory Vitamin C and vitamin D and Zinc and SPIvermectin, being considered by the politicians instead of mandatory, forced vaccines and boosters forever and mandatory mask mandates that are planned…

    Fauci funded Gain of Function GMO mutant, lethal viruses and Paid to torture baby puppies..Don’t be me. I am an M.D. but let me tell you what parents, politicians, teachers, neighbors, the media, and even doctors didn’t know..

    We did not know that Vaccines had not been tested…We did not know the ingredients of vaccines. We did not know enough to research vaccines before vaccinating my own children..We did not know that vaccines were given a blanket indemnity from liability in 1986 (they cannot be sued)..We did not know that we gave more vaccines than any other country…

    We did not know that we are the only country that gives newborn babies Hepatitis B vaccines ( against a sexually transmitted disease) on the 1st day of life..

    We did not know that the US has the highest rate of SIDS in the industrialized world on the 2nd day of life… We did not know that we had more autism than any other country..We did not know that Vaccines could injure an infant's brain (encephalitis) ..

    We did not know that vaccines can result in autoimmunity and neurological damage..We did not know that the much-ballyhooed fallacy of ''herd immunity'' does NOT apply to vaccines and is a myth created by the CDC and by Merck Vaccine Company for the media to tell us is the reason to get vaccines..We did not know that Vaccines have almost NO effect after about four years and the new COVID vaccine only lasts 4 months..We did not know that more college students are getting mumps and measles because they have no protection from these childhood illnesses from their vaccines….We did not know that the measles vaccine only comes in the MMR now but the single version of just the measles vaccine was safer and not causing autism..We did not know that Dr.Wakefield was proven to be right…We did not know that when adults get their DPT vaccines to visit their grandchildren that the "P" pertussis = whooping cough infection is actually still alive in them then and they are then contagious like "Typhoid Mary'', and these adults are actually carrying the infection and then spreading pertussis=whooping cough…We did not know how emotional the topic would be and how angry people would be at me for just asking questions about Vaccine Safety..I did not know that pediatricians do not even know the vaccine ingredients, like mercury, aluminum, and Human DNA and neurotoxic aluminum molecules and glyphosate…We did not know that pediatricians were paid a ''kick-back'' to give vaccines.We did not know there was a law to report vaccine reactions but almost zero pediatricians know that and about zero vaccine reactions are ever reported.We did not know it was called VAERS (look it up)…I did not know that there is a "Vaccine Court" that doles out money to vaccine victims…I did not know that it has already paid out over $$$ 4 Billion dollars .. We did not know that the CDC owned the Patents on vaccines and earned billions of dollars a year selling vaccines worldwide.We did not know that the US government promised countries financial aid only if they ordered their people to take the CDC's vaccines and the US CDC now controls the W.H.O. and the vaccine makers now control the CDC..WTH!!.. I did not know how angry at myself I would be for not knowing..We did not know that the CDC committed fraud…We did not know that it would take a CDC whistleblower to discover the CDC fraud… We did not know that Merck committed fraud repeatedly…I bet you did not know that the mercury and aluminum in vaccines is connected to brain inflammation and brain inflammation is connected to autism and connected to my mother's Alzheimer's (everyone's Alzheimer's) ..I did not know that a flu vaccine could kill you like it killed my brother by causing Guillain-Barre Paralysis.. We did not know how much mainstream media would censor the independent research.. I did not know it would take me so many years to wake up…We did not know how fast and furious the vaccine makers would be to smear excellent doctors and researchers that showed unsafe side-effects, just like what happened when Vioxx and Thalidomide and DDT and cigarettes were questioned..We did not know that the CDC has never studied a group that is divided into a ''vaccinated group'' and compared them to an ''unvaccinated group''..We did not know that every other independent researcher who has done the comparison between those 2 groups has shown that the UN-vaccinated group is healthier and the VAXinated group has many times more asthma, SIDS, auto-immune diseases, ADD, ADHD, autism, chronic rashes, deadly allergic reactions to peanuts, milk, beef, latex, etc. and their parents need to carry Epi-Pens..We did not know that the Vaccine researchers studied African children and found that the children there who GOT vaccinated, especially with the CDC's DPT vaccine were 5 times (Yes, five times) for likely to die before the age of 5.We did not know that the doctors on every news show who are the vaccine maker's mouthpieces were actually getting millions from the vaccine profits and were never questioned or exposed ………..Prove me wrong

  14. Progressivism has a worldview that is so erroneous and corrupt that EVERY decision they make is wrong. Part of their incorrect worldview is their belief that the ends justifies the means. Example is at the 9’ish minute mark when she is reading a 2 page excerpt from the book. This worldview is why progressives should never be allowed in any type of leadership role.

  15. Wow. I'd never looked at it like that. By "it" i mean the reason why I have argued myself out of every close friendship I've ever had, in the goal of trying to open up their eyes. With wisdom comes sorrow.

  16. "Morbid ideological drive." That is an apt description. What is so confusing is the manner in which this was so neatly divided, suddenly became mixed. I know I've ended up with some strange bedfellows during these past two years as the lines blur around these issues. Even my YT algorithm is confused about the videos to send to my home page. For example, the books Heather showed in the bookstore are ones those of us liberally educated and left of center – celebrated. When March 2020 rolled around, we really wondered, "What happened?" Suddenly, the person named Klaus Schwab is given the world microphone and he is talking about environmentalism at the same time he is telling us that we won't own anything and we will be happy. All this we are told by Schwab has to do with the money system changing dramatically, but we are only given vague descriptions of how this will happen. We are suddenly made aware that all roads lead to Davos, where many of these important decisions are being made by billionaires driving their private jets (spewing out all kinds of carbon) to their meetings. So, do they see environmentalism the way we do, or are their leaders feeling afraid and dousing that feeling through developing a "morbid ideological drive" to save the environment at all costs, to everything and everyone. Or are they using the environment as an excuse to bring in a morbid ambition of attempting to control everyone and everything?

  17. The VAST MAJORITY of the 'covid' deaths (over 90%) were actually caused by killer hospital protocols…especially by Dr. Fauci's failed drub REMDESIVIR.

  18. The 'noble psyop', as mentioned from the book, is straight out of the Goebbels's playbook. In my view there is a direct correlation between the nazis, who believed this, and today's Bill Gates, Nelson Rockerfella, Klaus Shwaub, and the rest of the eugenists. They see themselves as heroes who are saving the planet, blind to the fact that they are mass murderers in exactly the same mould as Hitler. The man or women who is certain that the suffering they are causing is necessary to the common good, is far more dangerous in their deluded state than the common criminal, who knows he is acting wrongly but proceeds anyway. It's worth remembering that there is a connection between all aware beings, as has been proved with animal maze experiments, and the perception of the group who see through the deceptions, will have an effect on those not yet awake, even without any direct communication or contact. This is known by the proponents at the pinnacle of what I will call the 4th Reich, which is why they brought their program forward, but I submit, that they are still too late, and the Light will win.

  19. It seems that scientists, bureaucrats, and politicians are having an increasingly difficult time distinguishing between data and value judgments. They want to impose their value judgments upon society and pass them off as "science" that cannot be disputed.

    We're not allowed to criticize their value judgments because it is tantamount to criticizing science itself.

    "So it's easy to criticize, but they're really criticizing science, because I represent science. That's dangerous." –Anthony Fauci

  20. In CANADA 🇨🇦 OUR DEAR LEADER essentially asked whether like me (no shots taken) should be TOLERATED. I honestly felt AFRAID – as if a target was now painted on my back – brought in by his statement. I am FORBIDDEN to get on an aeroplane, train or boat to be able leave. BTW – in Nova Scotia, the provincial government gave GROCERY STORES the right to REFUSE to admit the unvaxed!!! They did walk it back AFTER public outcry! CHILLING!!!!

  21. a new poll from canada juxtaposed covid-19 "vaccination" status with views on the current conflict in ukraine: the result? up to 85% of the 5000+ polled who went along with the mainstream/consensus view that "ukraine – good, russia – bad" were "vaccinated", while the overwhelming majority of those critical of the ukraine/russia narrative were "unvaccinated": gee, what a surprise!

  22. I dont buy anything anymore and ill tell you why, most that hear this wont even accept it. The cosmic microwave background does not exist, or at the very least it sure as hell has not been proven, its been debunked so hard by sky scholar its not even funny, but will science correct it self, or show that he is wrong, nope. Name calling, banning etc etc

  23. I can see how certain midwits or worse might be taken in by mass formation. However, I don't see the managerial elite being taken in a similar manner. I reckon the managerial elite, the people who matter, who make things happen, know what is what, and instead of being immersed in the mass, ride the mass, and direct it to their purposes.

    Conspiracy doth never prosper. For if it prosper, none dare call it conspiracy.

  24. Herschel Walker may understand Heather's explanation of Darwinian evolution, but it won't alter his belief in creationism. Herschel Walker is a Believer. Plus, he has suffered many instances of traumatic brain injury.

  25. Give em an inch?! Can you spell "common sense gun control"? Is that any different than the chipping away at 1st amendment rights – freedom of speech, free exercise of religion, etc — watch your biases, that one matters and the other does not

  26. For the word of the cross is folly to those who are perishing, but to us who are being saved it is the power of God.

    1 Corinthians 1:18 ESV

    Yes, I can hear the snickers and remarks, but this should be said among the myriad words being bantered about these days.

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