Mass loss of trust

Is there a crisis of trust?

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Infections, + 29,409

Deaths, + 973 = 217,000

Delta variant

Vaccine hesitancy

First dose, 33%

Rolled out before trials

Problem is not that bad

Government had won the war on covid-19

Mr. Putin pulls out of G20 meeting due to ‘diary clash’

Two doses of Sputnik V

ITU, 8,000 patients

Patients becoming critical in 3 to 4 days

Vaccination passports cost 70 euros

Widespread public misconceptions

Hygiene rules hardly followed

Limited restrictions

Limited mask wearing

Official information not believed

Indian summer just now

Moscow may well cope

New infectious disease hospital

Regions, hospitals already full

Molnupiravir, Merck, awaiting EMU

US government at $700 (£515) per course

Analysts at Harvard School of Public Health and King’s College Hospital in London have found it costs just $17.74 (£13) to produce.

Despite this, Merck and Ridgeback could earn $7 billion in profits by the end of the year.

That’s about $700 per course. Merck said it expects to make 10 million courses of the drug by the end of 2021, meaning $7 billion in revenue

BBC Media Action

£1,569,000 in 2019 – 2020

We support the independent media essential to democracy and development.

We inform, connect and inspire change in our audiences, providing trusted information, stories and ideas that generate discussion and bridge divides.

helping to save lives and improve health, protect livelihoods, challenge inequality and build more peaceful and democratic societies.

Coronavirus: lessons learned to date

in 2020 the UK did significantly worse in terms of covid deaths than many countries—especially compared to those in East Asia

The UK’s pandemic planning was too narrowly and inflexibly based on a flu model which failed to learn the lessons from SARS, MERS and Ebola.

In the first three months the strategy reflected official scientific advice to the Government which was accepted and implemented.

When the Government moved from the ‘contain’ stage to the ‘delay’ stage,

that approach involved trying to manage the spread of covid through the population rather than to stop it spreading altogether.

This amounted in practice to accepting that herd immunity by infection was the inevitable outcome,

The UK, along with many other countries in Europe and North America made a serious early error in adopting this fatalistic approach

and not considering a more emphatic and rigorous approach to stopping the spread of the virus as adopted by many East and South East Asian countries.

The fact that the UK approach reflected a consensus between official scientific advisers and the Government indicates a degree of groupthink

that was present at the time which meant we were not as open to approaches being taken elsewhere as we should have been.

Written by Dr. John Campbell

Hello Everyone,My name is John Campbell and I am a retired Nurse Teacher and A and E nurse based in England. I also do some teaching in Asia and Africa when time permits. These videos are to help students to learn the background to all forms of health care. My PhD focused on the development of open learning resources for nurses nationally and internationally.


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  1. i'll t ekll you all sometime, i only go but what i see experience personally. before covid i knew of very few deaths ever in my life personally, now i have had friends family friend, so many people i have met have people young old healthy die from this. I thought i was joke to begin with but not now, ITS REAL real everybody knows shady business stuff going on. people really under estimate people intelligence and resources

  2. So. Doctor of Philoophy as I thought, more accurately a nurse/nurse trainer. I think the use of ‘Doctor ‘ in the context of your YouTube site implies a particular level of medical authority which encourages a greater credibility in your more credulous followers.

  3. I am still massively upset by facebook blocking out your video on my facebook page accusing the video of promoting false information.
    Its chilling. Because the link does not take me to an actual review of your vid, nor does facebook explain what false facts are in your video.
    Im thinking seriously of leaving FB.
    Its an example of censorship that illiminates certain academic info in favour of a dominent narrative.
    That is one reason why trust is a growing issue.

  4. Well you were publicizing leading info in the early days. If you had it, why didn't our health officials have it? I am referring to means of transmission and masks.
    Group think and self interests led the way. .

  5. Forcing someone to take a vaccine without exception or they lose their time and investment in their career and/or their ability to earn an income to support their family and those that depend on them is a blatant disregard for a person's basic human rights. Period. That move alone destroys trust on all levels and even by those that support use of vaccines and who acknowledge their beneficial aspects in this situation as these comments attest. The only way forward is to reverse mandates and go back to common sense. Take your vitamin D, get a vaccine if you would like one, wear your medical masks and distance whenever possible. Keep travel and social events to essential, and always, always be kind to world around you.

  6. It bothers me when people offhandedly say that because someone is older than 65 that they are at high risk of Covid, as you said about Putin who is 69 yrs-old, disregarding the fact that he is probably in good health from the looks of it. The risk of death for that age group is 0.11%. For one in good health, you might cut that percentage in half. If people regard that number as being high risk, then they are innumerate and it is no wonder they are overly frightened.

  7. All-cause mortality among 25-44 year old Americans hit all-time highs on a weekly basis in september…. DESPITE the declining covid numbers. Does this indicate a medical reversal for the shots?

  8. Why little mention of the lack of trust in the UK, when the Govt. freely admit that they employ behavioural scientists to nudge the public on all sorts of issues, and have joint programmes with media organisations to promote them.

  9. "Vaccine hesitancy" is nothing to do with trust – it is all to do with reasoning capacity. Clearly, those in countries other than the UK et al still have some of their faculties. These vaccines are new technology with no long term safety data available. Saying that they are safe and effective is a prima facie lie. Saying that no clinical symptoms (even this is highly questionable) in the very short term (a matter of months) is evidence that they are "safe" is facile and insulting to the intelligence of any thinking human being. Then, one has to measure this 100% unknown safety issue – not a single human being alive can tell me what risk these drugs pose to me in five, ten, twenty, thirty years time – against the reason for taking the vaccine. Clearly, Russians have been looking at the data on who is at risk from this virus, and are realising that the answer is that virtually no one – is at risk. The risk for the vast majority of people is zero. In the trials, the ability to stop infection and transmission were not tested – to thinking people, this was a huge red flag, and this hunch has been borne out – they don't stop transmission.

    Yes, I'll grant you, there is a massive lack of trust in authorities, and this is entirely warranted, based on their very well demonstrated and documented behaviour, but the large numbers of people refusing the vaccine does not need to be put down to this – it's just proof that there are still humans who have their capacity for reason still in tact, thankfully.

  10. How are we going to address the loss of trust in public bodies? Pursue, arrest and imprison all of those who have lied, manipulated and produced false data. We will not rest until they are.

  11. 3 months without work? If only many could afford that luxury! We cannot sit at home and live out our lives. It will do more harm than COVID in the long run. And what is that nonsense about the government giving us back our freedom? It was never theirs to take in the first place.

  12. My dad took all the vaccines even the covid booster despite that he’s in the hospital with pneumonia fighting for his life. The vaccines are a complete crock of bullshit. Another pharmaceutical scam. If you take it you’ll still get sick there’s thousands of viruses besides covid floating in the air

  13. Dr. Campbell, been listening to you for a while, and, in the past, I thought you talked sense and balance. But you've gone OFF the rails, you're beginning to sound like a Johnny-come-lately conspiracy theorist!

  14. I see the young children being jabbed and shudder a little, wondering if at least some will, later in life, develop reactions to various components in these shots. HOW I hope nothing negative ever appears. I have some reactions, but at 78 yrs doesn't matter, really. I was "attacked" in utero by Rubella, leaving me profoundly deaf with other effects. I obtained a lifetime immunity against it, but shortly after the 2 Pfizers, now have kidney inflamation-never had a problem before.
    PLEASE, may every child, from before birth through their lives remain absolutely healthy. The govts are withholding SO much of how people are impacted by this concoction injected into our bodies.

  15. You cannot compare the vaccination rates between the USA, Australia, New Zealand and Russia (and China) because they're using a largely different vaccine and every one knows it.

  16. How to build trust???
    Speak the truth for once as a start, and have open discussions, instead of doing everything in secret.
    We have to find things out ourselves, and what we find is very disturbing.
    I never had a test or jab, and everyone who tries me to have one I will see as a leathal treath.

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