Mass Media Leech off the Tragedy of Assange

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Written by Richard Medhurst


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  2. During Occupy Wall Street we intentionally did not endorse any politician, knowing that they will fall into a chasm and be a emasculated as soon as they enter office. If change is truly what the American people want they must not take their grievances to the puppets within Washington, they must take their grievances to the puppet Masters, wall street! The whole world is watching!

  3. Colonization and imperialism are corporate constructs. The United States of America is the corporation. Tax payers of the United States finance oversee wars 4 corporations in the name of democracy. No proof ever existed that the United States of America is not the greatest threat to democracy to any country on the face of this planet including the you ass of ahhh

  4. Can you interview the Australia Ministry of Foreign affairs/Home affairs and ask them if they are making a case for Assange to go back home? I am sure they are NOT, interested in him going back, offcourse they would want the U.S to have him, in exchange for some 1920 "nuclear powered" submarine. 🙂

  5. Assange is the man of the century.
    The strongest, the bravest and the most honest journalist ever.
    His efforts to expose the curruption saved humanity to get completely brainwashed by apartheid mass media's propaganda and soft warfare methods.

    HAAAH!!!….1.. 2.. 3.. 4.. 5.. 6.. 7.. 8.. 9..10.
    {A Small Court Case!!}
    What Did… The UN Say?..Understand Now???>>>>>>
    "{WHAT THEY SAY!!!…THEY SAY!!!}"

  7. I think by now, this case has broken beyond the level of tragedy and is now a full blown atrocity. The media's participation only confound a hideous atrocity. Thanks for continuing to shed light on this living nightmare and refusing to forget.

  8. What is happening to Julian Assange is an excellent example WHY WE NEED A REAL REVOLUTION IN THE WORLD to get OUR PLANET BACK. NO PRISONERS!

  9. Unattended Dental conditions are documented by published medial research to induce heart inflammation, heart failures / strokes. All governments know it. In what ways has this treatment been denied Julian Assange ? & to what culpability of life threatening torture has this denial of treatment been accounted ? There is a medical based straight Arrow 🎯 here that requires scrutiny.

  10. Hello Richard. Inasmuch as main street media refers to Assange as the owner of Wikileaks, please consider in future, whenever you refer to Main Street Media that you instead refer to who in fact the owners are. Let history judge them by their family names. Im looking forward to when the time comes for them to report on the case of Andrew. I hope you intend covering the proceedings for our benefit.

  11. Interesting point you made about so few people being present in the court room but so much comment by press and media. That illustrates that the main press and media are not free agents. They report only what told to report by undemocratic interests.

  12. Richard can you think of a bigger issue than all of us being forced into a social credit system? Because i certainly can not! " We are the carbon they want gone, the jab is working as intended, once its in you you will not live beyond 2030, they have told us this zero carbon by then, I hope the unjabbed are ready and prepared for what is coming"

  13. The only people that are not being messed with at the moment on planet earth are people worth 30 billion and above.. Dont you see that mate. Hope you get 30 billion bucks so you have a chance. Good luck mate.

  14. I wish we used the word tragedy as it was intended. In the greek sense it involves impossible dilemmas where everything goes wrong, often in spite of everybody doing the right thing. Assange is not a tragedy, not in this sense. He is a canary in the coal mine. We are under a mass delusion that we live in a democracy. We are not. Assange represents living proof that we live in a neo Fascism, built in the post war era by men who dropped nuclear bombs on children.

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