Mass Rioting And Looting In Chicago, Police Shot At And Return Fire, Guard In Critical Condition

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  1. The media doesn't report the riots, because they want low-information news consumers think that Trump sent his storm troopers to round up mothers peacefully holding hands. Seriously, I saw an adjunct professor of political science on facebook say that Trump sent stormtroopers to round up mothers holding hands.

  2. They get to reap what they sow. The mayor spent that time going all fascist enforcing the lockdown, making excuses for why she shouldn't have to abide by lockdown rules, and blaming everything on Trump, and now she gets to face the consequences of her (lack of) leadership. She doesn't get to blame this on Trump, he offered federal aid and she refused it.

    Everything happening in these cities is caused by incompetent leadership, they've had full agency over their response to the situation. Portland is the only case that saw federal intervention, and that was only because federal property (the courthouse) was under siege and the local cops weren't defending it.

  3. Isn’t winter not really too far away? This could become tragic, what with their infrastructure wrecked.
    Something about ants and a grasshopper with a fiddle?

  4. From someone who's 54 & used to live in Chicago what seems like a 100 yrs ago, this is why my ENTIRE family, not just the immediate family but the whole family. They would do this back in the day, only difference is they weren't allowed to get away with it. Leftism is a mental disorder, pls someone find the cure!! I loosely copied from Mark Dice's teespring store!

  5. I am pised off. I am going to post this on every video of Tim's that I can until someone on his channel addresses it:
    Tim, what happens when the police enforce the law against orders like WE WANT TO (And do anyway when we know we are out of sight, which isn't often enough.), then get fired, then there are NO "good" police when they are released from duty? Rock and a hard place – WTF are they supposed to do? They are screwed no matter what they do – and they get yelled at by assholes like you on the ONLY side they have any hope from. Thanks for your support on one of the only platforms available to speak out for us. Why are there cops that don't stand up – because the ones that are willing to stand up and do GET FIRED AND REPLACED YOU ASS!
    For every one of us that stands up, that one gets let go, and the powers that be prevent them from coming back in to protect at all. We have no way other than subversive and covert attempts to protect as much as we can. So how about FUCKING SUPPORTING us instead of being another voice AGAINST US. They may not "have the right", but we don't have the power to stand against – when we don't have a united front to keep us in place in our leadership positions.
    You rather us walk out and have zero ability to do anything at all to protect anyone. You can't even get in the way of the bottles and bullets. Get your ass out here and take the bottles, bricks, and bullets, with no power to do anything else – then fucking bitch at me. Fuck you Tim. I never thought you would do this.

  6. Wonder why nobody stood up for the old lady? Look to Feminism for that. Enough men have been sent to prison and did time for protecting a woman that the message is out – they're stunning, brave and don't need no man to fight their battles. That was the last wave of real men that have been eliminated from the fray. The new men are far too feminized and coddled to have the balls to do anything about anything.

  7. It would certainly help the cause if people started calling 911 and just asked for a cornier and a bunch of body bags to come pick up the bodies. I bet the cops will show up then?‍♂️.

  8. @timcast if need some help finding a rural area, hit me up in PMs. I live in a town of ~3k with little to no crime. Been here for 20+ years and can only recall one murder/self defense. (Can’t remember which one it was ruled; like 15 years ago)

  9. How do most people learn ? Through experience . Now older Dems. know what they've voted for all these years . Next question . Where do they go when they run out of stores in Chicago 's shopping center ?

  10. You need an anti-terrorism department to arrest looters, you need an Anti-corruption unit to arrest corrupt CEOs and Twitter mob idots. These morons are literally making a secret police look like a good idea.

  11. Portland is not entirely Wheeler's fault. Sure he's weak but everytime he mustered up, the governor denied him support.
    It's a travesty that the inhabitants of Port Sumter can only chose in November between him and a left-wing extremists. Because Oregon has supposedly "non-partisan" elections (securing that only Democrats can make it onto the ballot), with the first round held six months earlier.

  12. It is time to start shooting rioters and looters. The democrats have tied the hands of the police. Innocent people are being assaulted and killed by Democrat backed BLM and Antifa. This insanity has to stop.

  13. This is what happens when cowards fill the upper tiers of government and the institutes of state. Why do you think they are so scared of Trump