MASS UPRISING: Will The Awakening Stop A Repeat Of History?!

MASS UPRISING: Will The Awakening Stop A Repeat Of History?!

This report explains the truth you’re not hearing in the news about the mass uprising and awakening.

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Written by WeAreChange

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  1. Nope, not going to be any different than before. Wave of truth and Humanity is clearly the winner and mandaters are temp workers on their way out. Never give up on truth and freedom.

  2. Sure all these gatherings of people is cool and all but what is coming of it? Unless they actually just replace the leaders nothing will change. Getting together and doing nothing doesnt change anything. These leaders are evil.

  3. Talk of digital passports linked to bank accounts, and fines in Austria for non vaccination, make it imperative to accumulate Bitcoin Eth Litecoin and crypto asap…🏃🏿‍♂️…🏃‍♀️

  4. Ok, this is in WTF SECTION even for David Icke. Croatian leading figure in epidemiology, said LOUD and CLEAR on television, that in this EXPERIMENT with the you know what, not only African children will be tested with experimental you know what, but American, European, Asian too. I know it is hard to believe but theres video of it on youtube. Is Icke rite? Are we living on this planet with lizard people? WTF!

  5. I don't understand Americans…no way would we put up with your BLM Bullshit…Those POS are destroying your communities…while you stand back film it and upload it…yet you all bang on we gave up our guns in Aus…you got them and don't do shit with them!

  6. The Blacks…ask a native american what the F**K genocide is. This race baiting narrative is bullshit most white people in America are mixed with something. like dealing with Nazi proeganda out of these shitty actors people call "Mass Media". I lived in Detroit and was the only white dude (or what ever this system wants to lable me as ) in my neighborhood and no one cared I was the white guy. They all knew me as I did them, we looked out for one another.

  7. Growing up and living in the city where Julian Assange was framed I have finally discovered that it was 100% no coincidence it happened here. The world will be stunned by the the truth.

    The 7 nations of the western elite:

    🇺🇸 – Strongest military in history
    🇬🇧 – Richest and most powerfull royal family
    🇻🇦 – Control christianity
    🇮🇱 – Control judaism
    🇸🇦 – Control islam
    🇨🇭 – World centre for hidden money
    🇸🇪 – Capital of Illuminati

  8. We all need to unite! Going to protests and standing together is fine, but we need to start our own communities that support freedom and bodily autonomy. We have military, law enforcement, teachers and many other skilled professionals that can contribute…the time is NOW people…waiting will be too late. I’m in Germany, anyone else?

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