Massive Explosion Recorded In Ukraine

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A massive explosion was recorded in Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine, after a Russian “Kalibr” cruise missile strike. The city has reportedly been hit multiple times by powerful Russian munitions.

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  1. The weakness of individual humans make fertile ground for monsters. Think of these images when the masters that rule you plead for you to forfeit your natural right to defend yourself with arms. Humans in nature are no contest without their tools and to defang and declaw them is an act of evil. They promise a safer world, we get occupation by land, air, and sea. The act of forfeiting your natural rights is the submission of your humanity and a testament that your mind has been conquered, always followed by body and soul. Never give in. Never give up. No matter the hat, badge, papers, gavel, or gun, no authority but that of the highest is above you. All demands of surrender are warrantless and you are righteous to defend your home, life, and the ability to support those you love. Promises and rhetoric will never protect you in the desperate moment of imminent peril and danger, govern yourself accordingly.

  2. Russia Reiterates Not To Attack Civilians
    The official representative of the Russian Defense Ministry, Major General Igor Konashenkov, said on Thursday. He added that Russian forces have not launched any missile, artillery, or air attacks on Ukrainian cities. Ukrainian forces that lay down their arms and surrender will not be attacked.

  3. Russians are liberating their own country from the Nazis today , just like their grandfathers and great – grandfathers during World War II . The grandchildren of the liberators of the great Russian army clashed with the grandchildren of Nazi henchmen , Hitler 's okupants and koloborants . History repeats itself .

  4. Engagement with a peer advisory as the Russian military is a different ball game folks. Fighting a bunch of sheep herders in pajamas is an easy task. Going against soldiers with, night vision, Intel/recon, body armor, same air and artillery support is a blood bath. Its been awhile since our military face a peer since WW2.

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