Massive Fire Breaks Out At Poultry Farm, FBI Warns of Targeted Cyber Attacks On Food Plants

🔥 ‘We’re in a Crisis’: Farmer Sounds Alarm Over Coming Food Shortage 👉



🔵 Epoch TV:

🔵 Minnesota Farm:

🔵 USDA Report:

🔵 FBI Notice:

🔵 Bird Flu:

🔵 Fires Around US:

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  1. People thought it only happens in California, they live want you dead
    they will use your own against you. They have them controlled by the
    money system soon your nice homes wont protect you, sorry they
    got that covered too.

  2. This is all intentional… Agenda 30 wants to wipe out the livestock and family farming completely…. The WEF met last week and discussed this…This is about the 27th fire of a food plant.

  3. Roman is literally the best most reliable person to listen to in the news, not trying to spread fear or propaganda, just the facts

  4. It wouldn’t surprise me that our federal govt has a big hand in all the fires, the shootings in the schools, the crime in our cities. All to get their agendas and policies to pass while our rights are taken away.

  5. How many people want to bet this is done on purpose to create food shortage??!! There are so many fire codes out in place for these buildings there should not be so many in such a short time. Create a shortage and you have the people enslaved, which is their agenda.

  6. You can't believe the government. It all has an effect on the food supply. Put all the facts together. Read the Ice Age Farmer. VERY DISAPPOINTED in this report.

  7. There hitting us on all fronts. All the fronts the global communists mention in the great reset. The food, the security, the children. Seems no end to what these demonic beings will do.

  8. People who intentionally attack a food farm in any way (arson, cyber attacks, disabling equipment, etc) should be given the death penalty. We cannot have people in our society that are a danger to our food supply.

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